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It is incredibly easy to forget to do or to thing about the things that you love. I declare myself guilty in that aspect of my life.

When I moved to the UK and started working, paying bills and having lots of more responsibility in my life, things changed. And they changed so quickly that I got lost in myself too.

I have not had a good start here in the UK. I ended up working in a really bad place where I wasn’t at all happy and I was drowning in it. I was loosing the essence, I was loosing my self in that place.

It was only when I finally left that I realized how I had changed. Maybe things that aren’t that noticeable for others, but that were very much obvious for me.

I stopped doing things I loved doing. I just couldn’t find the energy, the patient or even the happiness to do it.

Today, I do more of  what makes me happy. Maybe not as often as I would like but still, I do it and it feels good.

Here are my list of things that make me happy.

Music – listening, singing or playing. Music once surrounded my life, there wasn’t one day were I would not play the guitar or even sing in the shower. The first six months I moved in to the UK I wouldn’t sing in the shower. I even mentioned it to my boyfriend “I don’t sing in the shower anymore. I am really not a happy person at this moment”. And I wasn’t. Anyways… now I do it more. And I have a piano and playing the piano is just my safe place. My quiet moment. I love it!

Read – I used to real a lot. They I just lost the interest, don’t know why. I am slowly getting back in the routine of reading more and different kinds of books. Reading makes me travel and I think you just learn a lot about others and yourself when doing so. Any books that you would recommend? I am open to recommendations.

Exercise – Now, let me be honest and say that I am a pretty lazy woman. I never practiced any sports and I never even had an interest in joining the gym. I didn’t use to like the sweat and the dying pain that it would cause to your muscles. Only recently I started doing more exercise at home with a very nice couple that has a great YouTube Channel called Fitness Blender. They are so great and have such an amazing variety of exercises! I am really pushing myself into exercising at least three times a week. It was one of my 2016 goals! Until now I am keeping up with it.

And because it is always quite painful and exhausting, I end up being more careful with what I eat and that is also great!

Blogging – I tend to forget how much I love to write about things that I have interest in and reading other blogs too. A few months I started blogging quite frequently but because I didn’t get the feedback that I wanted, I gave up. And that is stupid. But the truth is that all the feedback from you readers is so important to keep me and probably many other aspiring bloggers motivated. I was just feeling that my effort wasn’t being noticed and that was a bit disappointing. 

But I have made up my mind: the fulfillment that I get went photographing for the blog, writing and seeing my blog post go live is much more than anything else. So I am going to keep going with my good work. I believe in myself!

Baking – here is something that I love to do and I just don’t do it so often because I am a lazy human being. All the mess and dishes that pile in the sink when baking just doesn’t attract me. But I love the process of baking a cake and, of course, the final product. I need to be a bit more adventurous in my kitchen and bake more! Any easy recipes that you would like to share with me?

What are the things that make YOU happy?


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