Book Review // Girl On The Train

girl on the train

Since I was a teenager I found the love for reading with the Nicholas Sparks novels. When you are 14 years old and you dream to find your prince, those are the books that you feel most related to or the ones that you really enjoy reading. At least they were for me.

It only took me a few years to get a bit tired of them because there is always someone dying at the end and that was annoying. So after reading almost all the Nicholas Sparks novels, I did not know which way to turn. I though I only liked novels and nothing else. But every novel I picked, I couldn’t really get into the story and nothing was really interesting for me.
I kept reading one book or so a year but I never felt that enthusiasm of wanting to get to the end as quick as possible to find out how will this turn out!

Then I heard loads of people talking about this book, Girl on the Train and I kind of thought – maybe I should give a go. And here is my thoughts about it.

I decided to buy this book in Portuguese – hence the book cover that you can’t really read what it says. I did this because I wanted to have the most of this book and fully understand all details. And no matter how many English books or articles I read, there are always a few words that I don’t really know what they mean. So, Portuguese version it was!

Now about the book itself, I thought at first that the title was very catchy although by reading it I would associate it with a little girl, in the train. So I thought it would be another classic romance for teenagers. I don’t know why but that is what it came to my mind. But I was wrong – there is no little girl and that was a surprise for me as I don’t tend to read the book summary.

When reading the first pages I kind of got slightly confused as it has different sections according to the characters who are telling their history. So you kind of have to get used to that bit as it jumps from character to character on each chapter at least in the beginning of this book.

The story itself is amazing and because I don’t want any spoilers, I won’t give you too much information but basically it is about a murder and during the hole book they are trying to sort out whoever killed the victim.
You get so enrolled in the story because it is addictive. Not very detailed but detailed enough for you to imagine every little part of it. And then you see yourself studying every option to find out who is the murderer. You just want to guess, you just want to get to the end of it to find out about everything.
And then, it is a big surprise.
I read this book in three days I believe. And it was three days that I was also working 12 hour shifts so you can really tell that I just devoured this book.

It is not only a thriller but it also has a tea spoon of romance, making everything even more interesting.
If you don’t know which book to grab next you should definitely try to read Girl on the Train. I hope you love it as much as you do.
After this book I just want to read thrillers and criminal type of books because I just get so excited to find out who did what! It is an amazing book to read.
Currently I am reading Dark Places by Gyllian Flynn and I am loving it too.

What are you currently reading?