Beauty Section // Current Favourite Day Time Makeup

From time to time I change my eye makeup a little bit (or a lot) and if I really like it, you might see me wearing that makeup every single day. Recently I bought a new eyeliner pen and I decided to try my best everyday to do a winged liner as my go to makeup with a very simple but flattering warmed toned eye.

I have been doing so and I am in love with this look. And I am also getting better and better on my cat eye. No need to use tape anymore! This is a massive improvement.

So today I decided to share with you how to achieve this beautiful, simple makeup that you can pair with any lip of your choice.

So the two key products for this makeup, specially on the eyes, are the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Eye Shadow Palette and the L’oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim Black. They are the two newest additions to my tinny makeup collection and I just love the quality of these two products.

For this look I always start with the eyes just in case I mess up with the eye liner. That way I only have to remove the eye makeup and don’t have to ruin everything else. Now, let’s start!

1. Prime your eye lid – I normally prime with a concealer and set it either with a bone shade eyeshadow or a setting powder.

2. Apply Substitute for Love on your crease to define the eye and give it some depth.

3. With a smaller brush (a pencil brush will be ideal – my fave is Morphe M507) apply Freshly Toasted to the outer “V” of your eye. Elongate it towards your eyebrow to give more of a feline look.

4. Using an eye shadow brush apply bitter start to the rest of your lid. Make sure that after this you blend everything with a fluffy blending brush. My favourite at the moment is the Morphe M504.

5. Now it is time to do that wing eyeliner. The most difficult (for me) but the most important step!

I normally start with the wing, drawing a line from my lower lash line towards by eyebrow. Then I draw a thin line the closest I can to my lash line and then I just have to connect and take my time making it as perfect as possible. Sometimes or most of the times they don’t match but you just have to go with the flow! I do and I survive!

After I kind of finish with the eye, I apply makeup to my face. I have the same routine for ages and maybe that will be a subject for a future post. I try and keep the face quite simple and natural looking because it is a day time look and the wing liner is the star of the show!

As soon as I am finish with my face I go back to the eyes and apply both Substitute for Love and Freshly Baked to my lower lash line and Bitter Start on my inner corners and brow bone to highlight. Also I go with my favourite mascara and apply it both to my upper and lower lash line.

I also like to thighline with a brow eye liner to give an illusion of fuller lashes.

I love this look because it is a warm tone look and you can pair it with any lip of your choice. This time I am wearing with MAC Lipstick in Hang Up but I also love to pair it with either MAC Whirl or MAC Pink Plaid.

Like I said previously, any lipstick will do from my experience with this look! I have been wearing it non stop and I am becoming a pro on doing a winged liner.

What about you, what is your favourite go to makeup look?