Kendall Jenner Inspired Makeup // MakeupByLisa

When I saw this Kendall Jenner look I was completely in love with it. I have always been. But never had a lipstick that could get to the feet of the one she is wearing. And even though I still think the the ones that I own still don’t have that orange undertone that I can see in this photo, I decided to recreate this look and upload it to my YouTube Channel.

This is a very simple makeup specially on the eyes – a subtle shimmer and a taupe shade to define your crease. The secret is on the eyelashes. Kendall has a pair of very long falsies specially in the middle of the eye. I wore Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes and I think that it gave me a great effect too.

The face is, again, quite simple but very glowing specially on the “T” zone as you can see by the photo above. Not much contour going on. A very simple and bronzed, glowing skin.

So I went ahead and grabbed I few things from my small makeup collection and tried to achieve this look with very affordable products. And this is what I ended up with. I hope you enjoy the video. Give me your feedback in the comments bellow!