How To Sessions // Maintain an Healthy Relationship

Every couple’s goal is – or should be – to maintain a strong and healthy relationship. Those are the two essentials for a forever lasting commitment between a couple. So although I do not consider myself a pro at all in this area, I thought it you be a good idea to share with you what I believe it is essential to maintain an healthy relationship without forgetting who you are, your goals, dreams and purpose. Yes, because sometimes we commit too much with our other half and forget a bit about ourselves. And neither I or any of you want that to happen.

So to keep this blog post very short and summarized, I reduced to five essential things/keys, whatever you may call it, to maintain a good, strong and healthy relationship. Let’s go.

1. Communication/Honesty. And by now you are already thinking “Yeah, yeah.. we all know that. Are you going to tell us something we still didn’t know about?”. Probably not. But although honesty it is a basic key for an healthy relationship, it is also something that people forget quite easily. Honesty is not only telling the truth if you messed up but also sharing little things that are meaningful.

So you think that she didn’t react well in some ordinary situation? Tell her, nicely. Do you feel like there is a problem in your relationship that needs to be sorted out? Don’t keep it to yourself! Sit down with your partner and have a chat about whatever is bothering you.

Some people have a hard time on expressing themselves with all honesty but that is what a relationship is about: if you need to have a serious and honest conversation as a couple, it should be something that happens naturally and that shouldn’t take a lot of effort.

Also, for me, it is important to share little things if I am not with my partner all day long. I am not one of them that could spend the hole day not speaking to him and not knowing where he is or what is he doing. Sharing parts of our day is something that I really appreciate so I really like for him to say what he is up to instead of not giving any signs of live for 4, 6 or 8 hours in a row. And I believe that most of the women who read this feel the same way (and also probably men).

So share. Share your feelings, your sorrows, worries and be honest with one another. Sometimes it is hard but with practice we all manage very well.

2. I Love You. Yes, you have to say it. Showing you love someone is the hardest to do, yes it is. But saying how much you love them can be too for some people. So if you are one of them that shows how much you love her/him quite often, try and say it too. It completes the day and it brings brightness to her/his day and life. Hearing these magic words coming out of the mouth of someone you truly love, care about and want to live the rest of your life with them must be the most amazing feeling on hearth.

Think about the last time you said to her/him “I love you.”. Don’t remember? So maybe you have to say it again. Not just because you have too but because you feel it and want to let her know in that special moment in time.

3. Confidence. Not only in your partner but also in yourself. Be confident of who you are, your qualities, your flaws and all the little things that make you who you are. Love yourself and be proud of what you accomplished until now. And then be confident about who your partner is, how he feels about you and the future plans that he has with you. Trust him/her. But this doesn’t mean you have to trust that annoying b**** that pretends that she is really a nice person that just wants to be friends with him but deep inside she just wants to jump in his pants. Agreed?

4. Be Supportive. Disagreements happen to everyone in any relationship. The important thing is to not let them disagreements get in between your relationship. And here comes the communication again. Disagreeing and not deeply discuss it and solve it is probably something everyone does. I do.

You don’t agree with what he did, said or even imagine and you just got so annoyed that you don’t even want to think about it anymore therefore you won’t even discuss with him. Wrong. That will only accumulate your anger, hurt or whatever you are feeling. Take a deep breath (and this way you are avoiding to say something you would truly regret) and have a calm and adult conversation.

Yes, sometimes it is impossible to have either calm or adult conversation but… make an effort. It will be worth it. Discussing your problems and solving them together will only bring you closer.

5. Respect each other. Do I have to say much about this one? Just respect each other. Respect your partners choices and believes. You might not agree 100% but you should be able to respect them putting aside your own choices and believes.

If there is any tip that you would like to add for an healthy and strong relationship feel free to comment and share it with me!


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