Autumn Love // My Favourite Things About Autumn

Image from Pinterest

If there is a season that I love, it is Autumn. Therefore, I thought it would be nice to share with you all the little things that I adore about this special season!

Hot Chocolate w/ biscuits

I am not a chocolate person, I much prefer sour sweets and crisps than a chocolate bar. But, when fall arrives, the one and only drink that will keep me warm and that I truly enjoy having is Hot Chocolatte with a couple of digestive biscuits. Yes, amazing! Dip them into your hot drink and enjoy. I love it. I have it for breakfast if I am in a rush and sometimes I have it before or while in bed reading blogs or watching American Horror Story. 

Dark Lips & Nails

All year around I love dark lips. Dark lips are my favourite thing makeup wise since I started wearing makeup properly. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if it is fall/winter or summer time, if I feel like it I will just rock a dark lip without any problem. Yes, during summer too if my mood is as dark as that lip. haha

With nails it is exactly the same. But I don’t apply nail polish as often as I would like because I am a nurse I it is nothing that I could wear for work. So I have to wait until a few days off in a row or annual leave!

But, in this special season that is fall, all I want is a dark lip – or a nude. But mostly, dark. Plum or burgundy, I don’t care. As long as it’s dark and powerful, I am all for it!

My favourite one at the moment is without any doubt Devine Wine by Maybelline.

Faux Fur Clothing

This is a new one. I was never a fan of faux fur or anything similar but this year I have two faux fur vests (a white and a brown from Primark) and a blue fur scarf  from River Island that I absolutely love. Apart from the fact that they are so, so cozy they are also very stylish and give a nice twist to the outfit.

I am looking for a black faux fur jacket. I think it is a must in my wardrobe this season. Anyone can advise me a nice one?

Fairy Lights

I love fairy lights. I always have some around my bed all year around. But around fall and winter, I fill my house (lounge, basically) with fairy lights. On my TV table, fireplace and even small trees from B&M that give such a cozy feeling to our lounge. Brilliant for those rainy, windy days and I am at home with my boyfriend wrapped like a tortilla in a fluffy blanket. And that brings us to the next thing…

Fluffy Blankets

Nothing better during these cold autumn days than to wrap yourself and your other half in the fluffiest blanket in the world. It is the best feeling for me. And the perfect trick so I can have an afternoon nap. And I am one of them persons that struggles to have a nap in the middle of the day. But bring me theses furry, fluffy blankets during rainy days and I sleep like an angel!

Warm Socks & Onsies

I am always cold. No central heating will win. I always feel cold specially on my feet and that is when the onsies and warm socks come into. Give me a onsie with a hoodie and I am a happy woman. There is nothing that I hate the most than cold ears and feet. So these two items combined give me joy and happiness!

Walk Around the Park

For me, fall is the most beautiful season because you see those yellow, brown and every other colour in the trees. And that is the main reason why I love a nice walk around the park during this season – as long as it is not raining. I will grab my warm and fluffy Oasis Parka and I am good to go.

I have actually not done that this year. I guess too much work and laziness on my days off. But that will change ! 

What about you all? What do you love the most about this beautiful season that is Autumn?