New MAC Lipsticks | Pink Plaid & Vegas Volt

Hello everybody!

MAC lipsticks are always on my make up wish list and when I travel I always stop at the MAC counter and swatch almost all of them, trying to find the perfect lipstick for the season I want. This time I was looking for a nice summer lipstick and I came out of there with two. Ups…

I really couldn’t decide between these two so I just took my card out and bamm payed for it. I think that for £12,50 each at the airport is pretty good! So, why not?

I went for quite natural shades, one of them being a kind of nude pink and the other a beautiful coral lipstick. I love them both!

On your left side there is Pink Plaid, a stunning matte pink nude that feels and looks amazing on the lips. Not drying at all. Very comfortable and long lasting too. I love this one as just an everyday lipstick when you don’t know which one to go for.

The other is Vegas Volt, on the right. Such a beautiful coral lipstick that I am truly addicted to. Suitable with I would say any neutral or even warm toned eye make up. I love to wear Vegas Volt with this make up that I recently did a blog tutorial with.

Here is a swatch of both lipsticks. Again, on the left is Pink Plaid and on the right side is Vegas Volt. I took this photo outside as you can probably tell so what you see here is what you really get. I love it, what about you?

For £25 I think you couldn’t ask for more. Yes they are £12,50 each but sometimes you can buy drugstore lipstick that definitely don’t last as long for maybe £7 or sometimes £9 and with MAC Lipsticks, you always win. They are very easy to apply with their smooth texture. They could last 24h without having to touch up but with these ones, don’t expect that to happen. But anyways, they last long enough for me not to complain about it. Also, they smell gorgeous and that is something that I really like in a lipstick.

I love MAC lipsticks and I believe that I will always love. Now I only have 3 in my lipstick collection but I know for sure that this little MAC Lipstick collection will grow!