Lost Small Striped Pink Make Up Bag

Funny story that you still don’t know is that I lost my small make up bag/necessaire at Manchester Airport. As I wear make up when I travel, I always carry with me the eyeliner, lipstick or any other things that I am wearing and might need to touch up during the flight. 

So, that beautiful, small bag, with dark and light pink stripes with the initial L on the zipper that I bought on purpose for this trip at Primark, was lost.

I left it at Gate 8, Terminal 1 and I will never forget these details. My small, striped pink make up bag with the initial L in the zipper. So damn cute!

I was re-applying my lipstick and getting ready to go. Then, I had to board in a rush because suddenly we were the last ones to go and I left it there without even noticing. I cried.

My Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss in Candy Kiss was there. And my everyday nude Calvin Klein lipstick. You would cry too gurl! I am a make up lover and I worship my make up collection, every little piece of it! I was so, so upset. And still am but I am just trying to forget that.

I have rang them on the next day, filled in the form and they said that nothing similar was reported to them. I just filled in the form again today just to make sure that it isn’t there and that they haven’t spot it.

But I will tell you: if the person who found it is wearing my lipstick, lip gloss or eyeliner, I hope you get herpes or conjunctivitis. Not that I have ever had that because I didn’t, but you deserve it. It is not that difficult to give it to the lady or man at the desk and they would do the rest for you.

Loosing that bag is the same for me as loosing my phone or wallet. Those are my things and I love them.

Yes, this is today’s post. Because maybe the person who found it will read it. If you do, my e-mail is just there or you can comment and I will give you my address.

I just had to share my sadness with you friends. And here is an advise: never ever touch up your make up just before you board. Then, this happens. Or maybe, don’t wear make up at all and this won’t definitely happen.


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