Life Update | Holidays in Madeira

Hello lovelies!

I have landed in Madeira Island three days ago and I am having the time of my life. I haven’t stopped since then and I want to share with you want I have been up the these last couple of days because this is not only a beauty but also a lifestyle blog.

So on Saturday we went to see the Rally and then we headed to where my boyfriend lives – Ponta do Sol and the men had a really nice wine with some cheese tasting at a place called The Old Pharmacy.

As I don’t like wine, I enjoyed only the cheese, bacon and others.

After this, I went back home to get ready for a night out with my lovely friend. It has been a long time since we both went out for a night of pure fun and dancing.

First, we had some fireworks. In June here in Madeira we have something called the Atlantic Festival where there is a firework show from different countries every Saturday so we saw that first. It was lovely.

Then we went to the Café do Teatro as there was a live show of a band from Madeira called Acoustic Junkies. 

I had such a lovely time there! I danced until I couldn’t anymore. I missed these little moments with old friends.

The next day it was time for a nice day out with the family. We went to a place here in Madeira called Santo da Serra where every Sunday there is a market. You can buy there all sorts of things from fresh fruit and also flowers or traditional Madeira food.

Traditional Madeira drink called Poncha. Strong but very, very nice.


 On top there is me with my favourite traditional thing – Madeira Garlic Bread. OHHHH, it is sooo nice!

Then it was time for a nice meal as it was around 4 pm and the only thing we had was breakfast. We went to a Restaurant called Cabrestante in Caniçal City and had some nice, fresh fish.

After this lovely meal we went to Pico dos Barcelos View Point and had a nice coffee with an amazing view.


I am having a really lovely time and I am so excited that my family is going to fly back with me to the UK and stay at my house for one week. The first time all my family goes there. And the first time my mom and brother go in an airplane!

Sorry I have not been updating the blog or any social media that much but as you can see, I have been pretty busy! 


* I have covered the faces of my family and friends with some emoticons as I don’t think they would like to have their faces all over my blog. The only ones you can see are obviously me and that nice, beautiful man that is my boyfriend.