Top 3 Favourite Bloggers

Hello lovelies!

Today I decided just to share with you my favourite bloggers from the past month or so. A very simple post but something that I always love to read in other blogs as I always discover some fantastic, new amazing bloggers with brilliant blogs.

Miel Café

I have to start with Giada , a lovely girl from Italy that writes the blog Miel Café. She is definitely my favourite blogger at the moment. And I think it won’t change that soon!

I found her when I started my blog. Remember, when I was Rock Me Fabulous? Yes.. since then. And I absolutely love her. I follow her everywhere and there is no blog post that I don’t read and comment.

Her blog is fantastic. From design to content, she has it all! Amazing photography and writes about everything that you can imagine and, with that, her blog will please everyone.

A truly inspiration and she does deserve a lot more followers. 


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The Londoner

Rosie is such a beautiful woman and her blogger is just a good reflection of her. Fresh, easy to read and, again, amazing content. You have everything: beauty, food, travel, and more!

There is always a bit of something that will inspire you and encourage you to go on an adventure. Her photography is amazing and her dog is just to die for! So cute! Go and have a look on her blog.


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Mascara & Maltesers

Annabel is stunning and she gives life to the blog Mascara & Maltesers. A beauty blog that will keep you update in the beauty world. Very simple design that makes it so easy to read. If you are a beauty addict like me, this is a blog for you to read. You will want so many products that she mentions and review. And also, her blond hair is just so beautiful!


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And this is it lovelies. My Top 3 Favourite Blogs at the moment. Did you follow them already or are they new to you? 


Also, I have to excuse myself for missing a blog post yesterday. As you know or may have noticed, I started posting every other day for the last couple of weeks and it was going really well. I was really inspired and I had several ideas that I really liked. But then, while working night shifts for three weeks my inspiration faded and I ended up with no subjects at all. Or even time/energy to photograph some products I wanted to share with you.

Anyways, I decided that from now on I will post every three days. I rather have less blog posts in a week but with good content, then a lot of them and nothing interesting at all!