The Happy Skin Tag ♥

Hello lovelies! 

Earlier today I saw Tanya Burr’s video on YT with “The Happy Skin Tag” and I decided that it would be a nice topic for a blog post so here it is. Be free to do this tag as well (but if you are going to use the images that I used here, please mention me on the blog post because little details like this take time).

I would describe my skin as dry. It is a bit dehydrated because I don’t drink enough water as well. And also I get oily skin just on my chin area.

Eggs, yes. By brother had bad acne and once he googled something like home made face mask and there was on with egg and we both did it. It wasn’t very nice! haha And also yogurt! 

I define happiness as being comfortable and confident with yourself. Happiness is loving you and feeling loved by others. Happiness is doing what you love and feeling like you are accomplishing your goals one by one. Happiness is a lot of things so I don’t think that you can describe it really…

My skin care is simple, quick, affordable, effective and refreshing! How about that? Nice. hum? 

I am no skin expert and I used to be very lazy when it came to skin care but I am slowly changing that. I would say that my top skin care tip is removing your make up and cleansing your face every day before you go to bed. Even when I don’t wear any makeup I wash my face with the Korres Milk Protein Foaming Cleanser before going to bed and then apply just my moisturizer and I feel so fresh and my skin can breathe so yes: removing all your make up and cleansing your face is my top skin care tip.

I make myself laugh everyday. My boyfriend does and my family as well. TV shows like “How I Met Your Mother”, “Supernatural”, “Modern Family” do make me laugh everyday too. I laugh easily!

A bad night sleep. And many other bad things that make me feel sad will steal my skin’s natural radiance I guess!

Find a routine that works for your and stick to it even if it is just at night. I only do like a skin care routine every night. In the morning I only rinse my face and if I have time I apply moisturiser before doing my makeup but normally I am in a rush for work so basically I just rinse my face. But at night I stick to it.

And also I exfoliate my skin twice a week!

I would say drink enough water and moisturize. That would be my 101. And I recently discovered some eye patches for dark circles that you can buy at any beauty shop and they work really well for me and make me feel refreshed and awake. I try to do it once a week while having a relaxing bubble bath!

My happy place is where my heart is, next to the ones I love. Now it is split in two: UK, where I live now with my boyfriend and cat ; and the other happier place – Madeira. Were I was born and where my family lives and I go every three months to enjoy my time with all of them!