Candy Kiss & Plum Crazy by Gerard Cosmetics | Review and Swatches

Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss

Hello lovelies!

As you might know if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I ordered two Gerard Cosmetics Lip Glosses and I could not wait any longer to come here and share with you my opinion!

I ordered them on the 26th of April and they were delivered on the 11th of May so I must say that I was pretty impressed as they said that it could take up to 40 days for delivery. 

I ordered a lip gloss duo (Candy Kiss & Plum Crazy) using the discount code ShannonDuo and it only cost me £13! No postage fee or anything was added. So for two lip glosses I would said it is a pretty good price. 

Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss Candy Kiss

This is Candy Kiss, the one I was most excited for! I loved how it look in so many YouTubers. It is such a pretty pink nude that I had to get it. I must say that it doesn’t suit me as I have very pale skin and the lip gloss itself is a light pink. Anyways, I made it work applying first a pink lipstick (I chose L’oreal Color Riche 371) and it looked amazing. Beautiful shine and I love that it is not too sticky because I just can’t deal with that! And it lasts for so long, even after eating an ice cream.

This is how it looks, stunning right?

Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss Candy Kiss Review

The second one is Plum Crazy. I was not sure about this one as it was more like a brown shade and I am not really into those but I decided to just risk it and give it a go as it looked pretty amazing in many photos that I seen on Pinterest. And I am glad I did because I love it.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss Plum Crazy

I am all into dark lipsticks during autumn/winter and I know that I will rock this lip gloss so much during that season!

I wore it a couple of days ago just the lip gloss itself  with a plum make up too as it was a pretty dark day and I was in the mood and this is how it turned out.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss Plum Crazy Review

It is a bit darker that what it shows in these photos but it is stunning any ways. Again, very pigmented, amazing consistency, easy to apply and it lasts for a long time.

Gerard Cosmetics Lipgloss Swacth

This is just a swatch of both of them as I noticed that the other photos didn’t make them justice. As you can tell, Plum Crazy is much darker than it shows but still, it is a lovely color. And Candy Kiss is pretty light and I would said that it would suit you if you are pale like me but you can make it work with some pink lipsticks and it looks amazing! It gives that beautiful shine and makes your lips look fuller as well.

I do not regret buying them and I will for sure purchase more items from Gerard Cosmetics as they are very affordable (specially if you get discount codes like this one ahah) and amazing quality. Also, the delivery is pretty good it does not take as long as you would imagine and the staff is very helpful and they answer your doubts in a short period of time.

I absolutely advise you to give them a go, you won’t want any other lip gloss in your life. I am now thinking about ordering some lipsticks as I am an addict and I know that they will look amazing in my very small but loved lipstick collection!

Do you own any Gerard Cosmetics products? What is your opinion about them?