Forgive me Blogger because I have sinned

I know, I thought that going on holidays would keep me all enthusiastic and committed with my blog, but it was just the opposite. It wasn’t that I didn’t have time, because I did. It was just because all the time that I had I either wanted to spend with my lovely family/boyfriend or just wanted to enjoy myself and relax. Yes, that is the truth.

I did a couple of posts when I was there but my initial plan was to write many, many posts and schedule them so I could have something to post while I was back to work. Well, that plan didn’t work. 

After coming back to the UK, to the real life, it was hard to get back on track here on the blog. I was feeling to down to write anything at all. You know when you have amazing holidays close to your family and then you have to leave them and just carry on with your life? Sometimes it is harder that we can imagine. It was this time. I spent three weeks in Madeira and it was lovely. When me and my boyfriend came back, we were kind of depressed. Wishing that we could just let everything go and fly back to Madeira, forever. Anyways, that can’t happen.

So here we go, this was one of the reasons why I just simply disappeared. Another was that my grandpa passed away two weeks ago. I am ok now, but it was hard. Specially being this far. But I don’t want to write about it. I just want to re-start here on this blog that I once loved to write. And I still do. I just need something to write about. Something that both me and you will enjoy.

So there you go, kind of a life update blog post. Very confusing I know, but it is all I can give you now. Promise that I will try my best to write good posts for the next couple of weeks. Maybe one post a week is all I can do for know.

And how are you all doing? I need to read so many blogs! Going to do that now.