Madeira Regency Cliff | A Relaxing Night Get Away

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (go ahead and do it if you are not following me! Come on), you know that yesterday I went to spend the day/night at the Madeira Regency Cliff Hotel with my boyfriend.

It was my dad’s idea as he had a voucher for one night stay with breakfast included so we thought it would be a nice get away for the two of us. Specially because when we come back to Madeira, we spend so much time with the family that we don’t spend enough time together as a couple, dating and stuff like that.

So we had this chance and we decided to take advantage of it. I have a few photos to share with you but not as many as I wanted to. We tried to enjoy as much as we could so snapping photos all the time doesn’t help as you know.

Madeira Regency Cliff is a 4* Hotel so I can’t really complain about anything, specially because we only stayed one night so there was no time for mistakes. The room was lovely, nice size double bed, massive dressing table, lovely bathroom with a bath tub and a little balcony with an amazing sea view. Just the way I love it. Sorry for the lack of bedroom photos by the way!

When we got there we even though about going to the pool but honestly, the sun was so good just there, at the balcony that we just decided to sit there, talk and chill out. And we did. It was so lovely, the sun was shinny and warm. You don’t even imagine how much I miss this lovely weather.

After relaxing for a while, I decided to have a lovely bath/shower even though I straightened my hair that day. But it was totally worth it. Then we watched some NCIS LA and cuddled for a while until it was time to get ready to go out for dinner. A traditional Madeira meal called Picado with some traditional bread. What a lovely meal we had!

Then we went to the shopping center and found some friends from Madeira that are living in Manchester and just like us, were back here on holidays to see the family. So we had time to catch up and laugh a lot. It was lovely to see them again.

After that we head back to the hotel to, again, relax. Have some rest. Who would know that relax all day could be so exhausting? I didn’t!

As you can tell, we really enjoyed the stay. And the buffet breakfast was amazing. There was plenty to choose from and it was soooo tasty.

All I can say with this is that if you plan on visiting Madeira, you can stay at the Madeira Regency Cliff and you will have a fantastic time here I assure you!

Have you ever visited Madeira? Where did you spend your holidays? Let me know!