#DearMe | Advice To My Younger Self

#DearMe was an initiative launched by Youtube in honor of International Woman’s Day and you can see the video here. Many female YouTuber’s raised their voice to this new global campaign to empower young women by sharing theirs advices to their younger selfs.

As you know, I am no YouTuber but I am a blogger and I decided to do this here in my beloved blog so.. let’s do it!


Dear younger Lisa (not as young as the photos above), hello! How are you doing?

I know.. you are always worried and not at all confident about yourself but that needs and will change, ok? Believe me cause I am you and I know it.

You have to remember one thing – no one is better than you. You just have to believe more in yourself. Trust your instincts, know that you are capable of doing many things, good things. 

You know those stupid boys that make fun of you every day at school? I know they look strong, scary and you feel stupid and so little next to them but you are wrong. You are stronger than you think. Step up, that is all you need to do. Don’t let them make fun and take advantage of you all the time. Make them stop. You can do it (and your dad might help with it, pretending that he is a cop. I know, he’s mental but he loves you). All you need is the courage to do it. One day you will have it and it will feel soooo good. 

And talking about parents, I know you think your mom is a witch because she knows everything that you don’t talk about but she is not. Relax. She just knows your phone/laptop password and her sister saw you that day that you went to the park without telling your mom. So.. she only has resources. She is not a witch.

Oh, and you shouldn’t have given up the piano lessons. You will regret it when you find out what YouTube is.


I know you think that your hair is horrible and the eye that you have smaller than the other will haunt you for the rest of your life but, again, you are wrong. Can you please just have fun and not worry too much about those little things? You are missing amazing opportunities in life.

And stop thinking that you won’t have big boobs! I know all your girl friends are starting to wear a bra and you don’t because there is nothing popping out but just calm down. One day you will wish you could leave the house without a bra. You will have boobs. Not too small, no too big. Just the right size. Trust me.

Could you please not stop dreaming about your prince charming? I am gonna tell you now (and I might be breaking the rules) but you will find him. So, don’t cry so much about boys that you think you like but that don’t give a damn about you. Stay strong. You will be rewarded, it WILL be worth the wait. But never stop dreaming big. You like fairy tales and always will. You know Cinderella? Yes, it is still your favourite Disney film. And even if you are 23 years old, you are allowed to dream about a beautiful love and be treated like a Queen. You will not only dream, you will live that dream.

I know that this is getting pretty long but to make it easier, I will sum it up for you:

– Stop thinking that you are not beautiful. You are. And it will get better when you grow up. Also, makeup will help to stand out your good features and complexion. But you will feel beautiful with or without it. So, cheer up!

– Stop caring so much about what others say. Be and believe in yourself. All those boys and girls that make fun of you, they will shut their mouth when they see the beautiful young woman you will become. Don’t take to long to get the courage to tell them to f**k off (but find better words to say it, please).

– Believe in yourself. That is the key. Don’t think that they are better, that they can do it but you can’t. Stop thinking that. Stop giving up because you assume you can’t do it. You can, stupid girl! I’m gonna slap you in the face! Not everyone will like you and you don’t need them all to. People won’t support you in so many things but you just need to get on with it without even listening to them. You never know if you will fail unless you try.

– I know you think that your parents are a pain in the bum but they are making good decisions for you. Ok? Stop getting so angry against them. I know it is part of being a teenager but one day you will regret it. Help your mom, she is a fighter. Your dad, he is protecting you. Just trust them, they love you more than anything. Ok?

So… I guess this is the goodbye. I feel like this letter is so long but, at the same time, there are so many more advises that I could give you, you know?

You will screw up many times, you will cry but you will carry on like nothing was happening. You are stronger that you think and I am proud of all the choices we made. Even the wrong ones. Because they made me who I am today.

I am feeling emotional know so I will just finish with it. I got to the important subjects, your main problems and stupid concerns so, your are good to go.



And here you go guys, my letter to younger Lisa. I suggest you do the same, even if you don’t want to share it in the internet, write it for yourself. It feels good to write and think about all that happened and how you got around it and grow up to who you are today. Go… I challenge you to write a letter to your younger self.

I am already thinking about a letter to future me.

What advice would you give to your teenager, hormonal self?

Happy International Woman’s Day.