Valentine’s Gift Ideas | For Him & For Her

Valentine’s Day is almost here and I believe than many of you, man and woman, are wondering what to give to your other half. Me and my boyfriend made a deal this year to not buy anything for Valentine’s Day, just to enjoy our time together and go out (even though I think that he already broke the deal – I’ve noticed a couple of amazon deliveries that he keeps hiding..).

But anyways, I know that many couples enjoy giving something to their loved ones, to show them how much they care, appreciate and know how lucky they are to have each other.

So for those loved ones, I put together six Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for him and for her. You just have to click in the store link and you will be redirected to the website.

I really hope you find this helpful. 

1 – Sony MDR-V55 DJ Stereo Headphones . For the music loves. Amazon, £28.98
2 – Personalized Gifts – A puzzle this time. If you are cheesy like me, you love these things. I got one for my boyfriend and he really liked it. You can order them at Snapfish.
3 – One Million for Men – this perfume is amazing, honestly. And what man doesn’t love a good perfume? Superdrug, £46,00
4 – For the Game Addicts: Last of Us . This game is surreal. My boyfriend has it for PS4 and he loves it and you know what? I do too. Great image quality, a story behind the game that keeps you going. I do recommend this one. If your boyfriend is a game addict, go for this one. Amazon, £33,99
5 – Jeff Banks Leather Belt. Some men really appreciate a nice, good leather belt. Classic gift, love it. Debenhams, £25.00
6 – Have you ever thought how cool GoPro is but still you can’t give all that money for a camera? So that is where this baby – SJCAM SJ4000 – comes in. I bought this for Christmas for my boyfriend. I wasn’t too sure about the quality but I did some research and many people said that it is as great as the GoPro but much more affordable. So I decided to give it a try. I was really surprised with the quality of the videos to be honest. You can do some great things with it, play around and you will really enjoy. Just be careful when you buy them online. There is a fake one going around so make sure you do some research to know the differences before you buy it. Ebay, £58,98

1 – A women never says no to a bag. This is a Navy Block Colour Bowler Bag from River Island, £40,00
2 – Michael Kors Watch. Classy, elegant, beautiful watch.
3 – New Look Necklace, £9,99
4 – Again, a personalized gift – a mug. Snapfish makes some beautiful ones. I have one myself and it is the cutest thing. Snapfish, starting from £7,99
5 – You name a girl that doesn’t like makeup? Well I don’t know that many. If your other half does love makeup, the Naked on the Run is another perfect gift for her! Debenhams, £37.00
6 – Fujifilm Instax Mini 8. The cutest polaroid camera. This one is in my wish list. Amazon, starting from £59,99

So this is it my loves. I do hope that this post has helped you in any way. If it is not for Valentine’s, then for someones birthday or any other occasion – you name it.

Hope you are all having a lovely day.