Take a risk.

So I was browsing on YouTube and I ended up at SoulPancake’s Channel. I love them to pieces. They upload amazing videos with great content and that makes you think about life and appreciate what you have. Or, in this case, it makes you want to take a risk.

Today, I saw this one that I will share with you and it made me think.. Watch it and I will tell you more about what came to my mind.

So, like I said, it made me think. I am in a relationship at the moment, for three years and 6 months already. I have met the man of my life and we are dating. All because he took a risk like one of the persons that were in this video. He took a risk, he asked me out. I said yes, so a took a risk too. And, long story short, we kissed and we have been together since then. I love him from the bottom of my heart. And I do believe that, sometimes, we take things for granted because we have them for so long.. because we have been together for a certain amount of years that it makes us feel safe, secure. But we shouldn’t. We should never take anything for granted. Because things change, people change and feelings do as well. And if you don’t make an effort everyday to show them how much you love them, it might end one day. So, make an effort every single day. I know I do. I try.

So if you are single, take a risk. And if it doesn’t work out, like one of them says, do that to another person. I have always thought that if something bad happens, if he doesn’t love/like you back, it is because it wasn’t meant to be. And I was right because for three years and almost seven months it has been working out amazingly.

I know this post was a bit out of the box but I felt like it. I love these kind of thing and I will definitely share more of these ideas and deep thoughts with you.

Don’t forget.. go, take a risk.