My Favourite Oscar 2015 Make Up Looks

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I missed all the Oscars. I was too tired to get through everything ! But anyways, I did my research today and I want to share with you my favourite make up looks at the Red Carpet.

I love all about simple and elegant looks so that is what you are gonna get here. So … let’s start.

Chrissy Teignen Makeup Look Oscars 2015

Chrissy Teignen

She was my favourite. Dress, hair, makeup – everything! You know that I love a bold, dark lip and this look looks stunning on her. Very simple eye look, with nothing on the lower lash line but that bold lip gives a little sparkle to what could be a nothing-so-special make up look. I love it. And did you notice those amazing hearings? Oh.. i wish!


Anna Kendrick Makeup Look Oscars 2015

Anna Kendrick

When I saw this photo I just wished I had her eyes and her complexion (not that I don’t feel comfortable on my own skin but you know…).

She looks stunning with this grey smokey eye and nude lip. Hairstyle is as beautiful as the make up. It showed that she actually made an effort to look amazing! Love it.


Margot Robbie Makeup Look Oscars 2015

Margot Robbie

This is probably the simplest but yet so glamorous at the Red Carpet. Again, Margot made the lips do their thing. I love this look. So simple, clean and fresh. The orange-red lipstick is gorgeous! Love it. For me, this is also a great everyday look if you are brave enough to show off this gorgeous lipstick. I know I am! So I need to get a lipstick like this one. Any advice?


Jennifer Lopez Makeup Look Oscars 2015

Jennifer Lopez

This lady never disappoints me. Not talking about the dress – there will be a post about that later – her make up is stunning. A gold/bronzed look to go along with the dress and a combo with a pink nude lipstick. I love this!

Which on was your favourite? Let me know in the comments bellow! xx