January Favourites 2015

So I guess this is the time of the month were I come to talk to you about my monthly favourites and this time I must say that I have a few things to show you.

I have to admit that there will be a few things that I got way before January but, if you go back in my blog posts, you may notice that I have missed a couple of monthly favourites.

Anyways, off with the excuses and starting with my January Favourites!

Favourite Foundation: Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation, Shade No 52 Vanilla

I have been wearing this foundation for a couple of months now and I must say that I love it, really. Previously I was wearing the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation that is not too bad but no one every complimented my skin/make up when I wore that one. With this Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation everyone noticed how natural but flawless my skin was. So I guess this is a good thing right?

The foundation feels light in the skin but gives you a really nice medium coverage that you can build up if you want a more flawless look without getting to thick and heavy in the skin. It gives you a beautiful, natural glow that I love. It is very easy to apply because of the liquid formula the it has. Not too watery and not to thick. Just the perfect consistency to feel beautiful and natural in your skin. I use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush by Sam’s Picks to apply it and it goes into the skin so easily!

I have normal to dry skin and this foundation is perfect for me. And I do believe that it would be as great if you have oily skin.

Belive me, you have to try it to know how good it is. And it is only £9.99. Go for it!

Favourite Brushes: Real Techniques Starter Kit

So back on Real Techniques, I have to talk to you about this Starter Kit that I bought one month ago. It is a kit with five eye brushes – the perfect number and brushes to do a beautiful makeup with.

I know that it is not a secret and probably everyone knows how good Real Techniques Brushes are, for a fantastic price. So it is the exact same thing with these ones. Very soft, good quality, easy to clean and amazingly easy to apply makeup products from powder to liquid.

The product goes wherever you want to apply it, nowhere else. It doesn’t make a huge mess and that really helps when you are a beginner with makeup like I was – and still am in a few things.

It is the perfect kit, you have a brush for everything that you want to do with your eye makeup.

In the kit, I must admit that my favourite one is the Base Shadow Brush. It has a nice angle to apply eyeshadow in the outer corner of the eye to give that perfect smokey eye look. I love it.

Favourite Nude Lipstick: Calvin Klein Lipstick, Henna (shade 31123)

I have been looking for a perfect nude lipstick forever. I was with my eye on one from MAC Cosmetics but as I don’t have any MAC store here in Blackpool, I was waiting to go to Manchester/Liverpool or even when I go to Manchester Airport to travel to Madeira to get one of them. Anyways, you know Groupon? No? Have a look here. Basically, I was browsing on that website when I found a beautiful sale for four CK lipsticks. I couldn’t choose the colors but I decided to order anyways because £6 for four CK lipsticks is nothing so I better give it a try. And I don’t regret not even a little bit!

This set has four beautiful lipsticks and my favourite and most used one the one in the shade Henna , a peachy/pink nude.

It is a perfect everyday nude lipstick, not too mate. It gives you a glossy natural look that I adore. I wanted a beautiful nude to wear to go to work and also one that I could wear with anything and this is the one. Love it. 

But still, I might get that one from MAC anyways. Maybe.

Favourite Mascara: Rimmel Mascara by Kate Moss

My boyfriend gave me this mascara as a present on Christmas Day. At first I wasn’t too sure because, think about it: what does a man know about mascara? Or makeup.. right?

Anyways, he said that it had really good reviews on Boot’s website and he decided to order for me. Isn’t he sweet? I was really in need for a new mascara. My previous when was getting a bit dry. Yes, I am one of the woman that only has one thing of everything. One mascara, one foundation, one blush. My makeup collection isn’t that huge.

Anyways, I have been using it the most the last three weeks and I love it. The applicator has a curvy shape that makes it easier to get to every eyelash but, in the down side, you can make a huge mess if you are not used to it, has I did.

The formula is really good, easy to apply and it makes your eyelashes pop. I am in love. And it is also very good to remove. 

Favourite Cleanser: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

Many YouTubers and beauty bloggers have mentioned how good this cleanser is to remove makeup so I decided to buy it and see for myself if it is as good as they say. I bought this cleanser not long ago – maybe too weeks ago – and I have been using it to remove my makeup since then.

And….. It is absolutely brilliant! Removes make up so easily that when you finish you can really feel that your skin is clean and it is breathing. You know what I mean?

I usually use a Simple make up wipe to remove most of my makeup first and then I go with the Garnier Cleansing Water and remove every little bit of makeup that is on my face and it does a beautiful job.

It doesn’t have a fragrance to it and I do appreciate that. It is really good and very, very affordable. I think it was 3 pounds something. I think.

If you haven’t tried yet, you need to. Go for it. I got mine at Superdrug.

Favourite Highlighter/Contour Kit: Sleek Contour Kit

 I have been looking for the perfect highlighter/contour kit. Not a pricey one. Something affordable but that does his job properly, you know? I really don’t like to spend that much money in makeup if there is no need for it. So, I got my hands in this Sleek Kit.

Can I just say how much I love the packaging? Very simple as you may noticed but I love the fact that it has a mirror inside. And since I don’t have a mirror to go in my bag and use every time I need to touch up whatever it is, this is my new mirror too.

This kit has a beautiful highlighter with a pink undertone. Very subtle, beautiful.

The contour is as amazing as the highlighter. It gives you a natural look when you apply it and buff it in to your skin. I have been wearing this on my face every time I wear makeup!

Favourite Jewelry/Acessories: Necklace from Stradivarius and Necklace + Hearnigs from Revoni 

So, again, I got these two as a Christmas present. The necklace from Stradivarius was from my mom. It is so, so pretty and elegant. I love the colours, it has a variety of them so that makes it easy to combine with a lot of my clothes. And also the golden chain is a beautiful detail. Love it!

The necklace and hearings set was a gift from my boyfrient. Actually he gave me the necklace before and the hearings as a Christmas present. He knew how much I loved the necklace and how much I wanted a pair of hearings to match so, he bought me these.

I really love them so much. I love this set. It is so pretty, I love the emerald, that beautiful green color! And also the silver matches it perfectly. I wore them for New Years Eve. Beautiful set. He got them on Amazon I think. Don’t know how much it was as it was a present but you can easily find out. It is a perfect Valentine’s Day present.

Favourite Watch: Michael Kors Watch

I have been dreaming to have a Michael Kors watch for a while now and guess what? My beautiful boyfriend gave me this beautiful black and glod MK watch.

I love it to pieces. I have a rose gold watch from a different brand that I also love but every girl needs a black watch to go with everything. And I have one. I love the gold details. It is so classic but simple at the same time. I have been wearing it so much that you cant’t even imagine. Love, love, love it!

So this is it lovelies, my January Favourites. Quite a long post don’t you think? I do believe that I could easily find a few more thing to add to this list but it would then be a never ending blog post.

Anyways, hope you liked it! And I hope that it gives you a good idea of the products if you are thinking about buying any of them. 

If you do buy or if you already have any of them, what do you think about it?

And also, what is YOUR January Favourites? Let me know!