Cohorted New Site & AMAZING Beauty Box

Hello my sunflowers!

As many of you may know – and if you don’t, you are living in a cave –  Cohorted has launched their new website today and with that, they will be selling a beauty box. Before throwing in the beauty box subject I need to say that the new website looks fantastic.

The design is so elegant and gorgeous, it is very easy to navigate. You can find anything that you want just with a couple of clicks.

Now into the beauty box  – From what I know from Couture Girl aka Kayleigh Johnson, they will only have 100 beauty boxes. I think this is a good number but I do also believe that the website will crash because there will be so many crazy beauty addict girls trying to purchase it.

I am going to have my eyes stuck on their website like crazy because if I can’t get one of them, I will be so sad and frustrated that you can’t even imagine.

This box will have a minimum of four beauty related products and you can buy it for £19.99 when it is worth 67.50! Crazy, right?

Well, if I were you, I would definitely go for it. Many beauty bloggers have received one for a sneak peak and review and the feedback is amazing. I do believe that we won’t feel disappointed when we get this in the post.

So, fingers crossed for me and all of you that want to get your hands in this beautiful beauty box – that just for the gorgeous packaging, it is already worth it’s price.

Good luck xx