Cohorted Beauty Box

Hello Lovelies!

As promised, I am sharing with you today what I got in my Cohorted beauty box. If you don’t know Cohorted, you should definitely check their new website that, by the way, looks amazing!

I was so looking forward to receive this in the post that you can’t even imagine. When you read amazing reviews from bloggers that had a sneak peak this is what happens.

So I got this in the post a couple of days ago and I haven’t tried any of the products so, I must warn you that this is not a product review. But there will be one soon.

I am just going to share with you my expectations and, then, my huge surprise when I saw what I received.

As you may know, this box was £19.99 when all the products that come with it are worth the amazing amout of £67.50. Yes, I wasn’t sure if this was 100% true too. I was thinking that all I was going to get were samples because for £19.99 we shouldn’t expect much or else we would easily be disappointed.

But this didn’t happen here. Cohorted joined 5 amazing beauty products in this cute little box and I am going to share with you now what they are.


So I got this little cute black box in the post and when I opened it this was what I saw. A little card with the products that I got in the back. That card shows the original price of the products and a little description. I only had a look at the card in the end because I was really enjoying the surprise effect. You should do that too!

Starting with the first product that I found…


Dolce & Gabanna Clarifyng Lotion, 150 ml – @20.00

Dolce & Gabanna, right? This was a good start! It was honestly the first product that I put my hands on as it was the largest in the box so it was quite noticeable. At first, I thought it was a perfume (like I said, I didn’t look at the card until the end) but no. It is a makeup remover. It is described as:

A luminous lotion that effectively removes make-up and dead skin, giving a luxurious exfoliating treatment. Acting as a perfect beauty regime product for smoother skin.”

Amazing, hun?


Benefit Ultra Plush Lipgloss Bella Bamba, 15 ml – £14.50

Everyone loves a Benefit product, right? And I am not any different. I was so excited when I saw this one even though I am not a fan of lipgloss. But I do have so matte, dry lipsticks that would go really well with this on top, I think. I will tell you more in a few days/weeks.

A shimmering red colour lip gloss with a soft glossy shine. The texture of this lip gloss is lightweight in application, as well as having a watermelon scent to make your lips smell as sweet as it looks”


Skincare Korres Milk Proteins Foamin Cleanser, 50 ml – £15.99

I was really in need for a cleanser. I use the one from Simple but honestly I think my skin just got used to it and when I use it my skin gets a bit dry. So, I am again looking forward to try this one. Beautiful packaging. Decent amount of product.

 “A gentle creamy white facial cleanser. The product has the effect to calm dry skin while removing every last trace of dirt and makeup. The formula is also free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates.”


Korres Quercetin & Oak Eye Primer, 4 ml – £10.00

When I saw this I wasn’t to sure about it. I don’t know the brand and I just opened the primer and it seems like a very thick consistency. But, I need to try it to see. Hopefully it will be amazing. Do you know this product? What do you think about it?

 “The primer ensures crease-proof, onf-lasting concealer wear. It minimises the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as correcting darkness around the area of the eye.


Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara, 3 ml – £8.00

Oh, I was so excited when I saw this product but, at the same time, sad that it was so small. I love Bobbi Brown and I need to try this mascara as soon as possible!

                   “The mascara delivers dramatically dark, stretched-out lashes thanks to its ability to build volume lash by lash. A thicker brush base evenly combs through eyelashes from roots  to ends, grabbing those small, hard to reach lashes.”


So, what do you guys think about all of this? I didn’t regret not even a little bit about spending only £19.99 in this beauty box and getting all of these products. I will definitely buy another one in a very near future.

Let me know if you have any of these products and what do you think about them. Also, what product would you to read a review first?