Samsung Note 3

Hello everybody!

As you may know if you follow me on twitter I am waiting for my Samsung Galaxy Note III to be delivered. I thought it was going to be today but oh well.. it wasn’t. Maybe tomorrow.

So as it didn’t arrived today I did some research on YouTube mainly about tips, tricks and apps that are a MUST have when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy Note III and I came around these videos that I decided that I should show you if you do have a Note III (or IV) or if you are thinking about owning one.

I don’t have the phone yet as I said but I believe that it is really an incredible phone, with amazing features. I previously owned a Samsung Galaxy S4 and I absolutely loved it but decided to go for something a bit (a lot..) bigger like the Note III is and I like to think that I won’t regret that!

If I get it tomorrow and have a change to try everything out and find some apps to keep me organized and always up to date I will let you know!

And also, today was my first time that I cooked porridge for breakfast! I just tried once and I kind of enjoyed it so decided to buy it and do it myself.

It wasn’t so bad but it wasn’t also perfect!

I felt like something was missing and I am still trying to find out what it was. Tomorrow I will give it another try!

How do you like to eat your porridge, what do you add to it? Let me know!

xx Lisa.