My Perfect Outfit for Autumn

Hello everybody!

October is here and so is Autumn and I must say that I absolutely love this season. It is not warm but also it is not to could so you can almost wear anything that you have in you wardrobe if you play around with your clothes.

Again, I am no expert when it comes to fashion/beauty but I do love to play up some outfits with what I have and what I don’t have. So today I am here to show you what for me is one of many perfect Autumn outfits.

Now that (almost) every store is on 20% sale for students for a couple of days, I thought it was a good idea to do this.

This full outfit is from River Island. They have that 20% sale for students until tomorrow so you better hurry up!
Next and New look are also doing that, I think so make sure you go to their website and check them out! (click in the name of the store and it will re-direct you to the website)

What a shame that I am not a student anymore…

Moving on to the outfit, drum roll please…..

Trousers: £20 (on sale)

Crop Top: £10 (on sale)

Boots: £38

Jacket: £70

Underarm Bag: @55 (very pricey for a bag!)

First of all, yes.. I know that if you go and buy all of this online or in store it will be a tiny bit pricey but you don’t need to. Play up with similar clothes that you have in your wardrobe. This is just an inspiration.

I actually don’t own any of the things but I did fell in love  for the trousers and the crop top. And they are both on sale so you can start with that too and build up the rest of the look with what you have already.

So as you can see I choose colors that are adequate to the season but you still have a bit of color with the dark red from the trousers and bag.

I absolutely love this look, seriously. What do you thing?

With this outfit I would do a very simple makeup, with a dark red lipstick to put it all together. I think that it would look gorgeous.

Let me know what you think! I don’t forget to follow me in bloglovin’! 

xx Lisa.

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