The begining of something new.

Hello my loves,

so today I made the decision to start a new blog. I feel refreshed after three days spent in Edinburgh – Scotland and I came up with this new idea of creating a blog where I share my thoughts, fashion, lifestyle, wish lists and much more.
Actually, the idea of creating this blog came to me while I was on the train returning to Blackpool. I was reading a column that Dawn O’Porter wrote in the Glamour magazine where she tells her story, her journey to her now successful career and gives us some deep thoughts about life and about fighting for what you want. I am not going to tell more about this article but you should really buy October 2014 Glamour Magazine and read it through. It was really inspiring for me.

And saying that, I decided to start my blog where I share with you my daily life and thoughts. Not hoping to be a success but hoping that, maybe, something that I write here might be as inspiring for you as what Dawn O’Porter wrote was for me.

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