Lazy Lisa.

Hello everybody!

I have a few days of (actually six days off!) and today I go back to work.

I must admit that I am feeling so lazy today and I can’t just be bother in getting off the sofa and go to work but… I have to!

It is not that I don’t like my job because I really do but with so many days off I just don’t want to go back!

Don’t you ever feel that when you have loads of days off in a row it is always harder to go back to work?

Well I do!

Also, yesterday I went to town center and bought just a couple of lovely thing s(clothing and beauty related) that I might mention in another post later on during the week so stay tuned. 

Thanks for reading and hope you are all having a lovely week.

I better start getting ready to work. I start at midday.

xx Lisa.