Products featured on Lisa’s World

Most items featured are purchased with my own money. If any items are sent or gifted to me by a PR Company and are featured on my blog, they will be clearly marked with a “*”. I will only accept items that fit the style of my blog or that I would purchase anyway. I will always give my honest opinion in any review I write.


All opinions here on Lisa’s World are entirely my own (Lisa Santos). Everyone has different opinions and what you will read here are mine. They are mentioned for information, enjoyment and reviewing purposes only. Remember also that products that work for me might not work for you so, again, everyone is different and all that is written here on Lisa’s World is my own and only opinion and experience.


I create a blog where people can come and read a trustworthy and reliable source. Therefore, all my opinions on the products reviewed on the blog either beauty related, fashion or any other are my honest opinions. If I dislike a product or found that it was not effective for me, I will say so. I also only feature items that I feel that deserve to be mentioned in some way or form.


All the post are written by myself unless said otherwise. All posts on this blog are copyright. If you would like to use any of my material, please quote a paragraph or two and link back to this URL. I consider any more than this a breach of copyright law.

Image Credits

The images are included in most of my posts to improve the viewers experience. From the 6th of February of 2016, all images used on my blog posts are taken by me if not stated otherwise. 

When using photographs that are not my own, I normally recur to a free photo website and you will find the link to it below the image.  If not, the source will be identified.

If you have any problems and/or would like me to remove any image, please contact me at lisaalovess@gmail.com and explain the situation and I will be more than happy to either change or remove the picture.