Being a foreign isn’t easy

There is something about me that I think you don’t know: I am from Madeira Island – Portugal. I came to the UK in October, 7th to start working as a nurse. I believe that many of you might know how bad the situation is in Portugal. Yeah.. so that was the reason why had I to come to he UK and start a brand new live.

I was (and am) only 22 and I had to leave my family, my beautiful island and happy life. The good thing was that I came with my boyfriend, who is a nurse too.

So there you go, I am living here for almost one year. And it has been good but it wasn’t all the time.

I had some pretty hard times in the first couple of months because I ended up in the wrong place. I came over to work in a nursing home and it wasn’t good. The person in charge was bad, I didn’t like the job and when I decided that I wanted to leave, she threatened me saying that I had to pay her tons of money for things that I didn’t even know.

Long story short, she was just making things up so I wouldn’t leave because as I was from another country, she assumed that I didn’t know my rights and would do everything that she wanted. Well… she was wrong!

I left, applied for the NHS and a couple of weeks later I was accepted and had a new job. So there a new journey began. New house with my beautiful boyfriend, new job, new life!

Now I am in an happy place, I love my job, I have a really good relationship with my boyfriend and life as been pretty good I must say.

The only bad thing are days like today. Where he is working and I am home alone. With all that happened, it is not like I have friend where I can go for a coffee and enjoy some girl talk! So I feel lonely and I miss my family soooo much.

Today is one of those days.

I gotta keep busy so I am now going to do some cleaning and then I will come back to read all the blogs that I want to.

I am enjoying this blogging thing so much. I had a portuguese one but it never felt right. This one does!

Thanks for reading, xx

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