About Lisa’s World

Hi! I am Lisa, the author of The Lisa’s World. I am a twenty some dreamer that gives life to this blog. I was born and raised in the beautiful Madeira Island and moved to the United Kingdom, Blackpool in early October 2013.
The Lisa’s World was started in late 2014 but only since January 2016 I have been taking the blogging world and job seriously. I am a also a nurse, working now in an hospital here in the United Kingdom.

I would say that the characteristic that best defines me is my cheerful mood and also my passion and hard work for this blog where I share everything that is part of my world. From beauty and fashion to absolute rambling and advises, there is a drop of everything here in The Lisa’s World.
The aim of this blog is not only to entertain myself when creating a post but also inspire my readers on an everyday basis. Inspire them to be more, better and to encourage them to take chances.

I hope you enjoy and also hope that you keep coming back for more. You can follow me on Instagram , Twitter or Bloglovin’ to be always up to what I have been doing.

Lots of love, Lisa.