Friday, September 08, 2017

5 Tips on How To Travel With Hand Luggage Only

As you reading this, I will be flying to my last summer holiday to Lanzarote and that is great! What isn't great is that my boyfriend told me that he hasn't paid for any extra luggage when he booked it and that now I had to pay £90 for it. Well I decided to save myself £90 and learn how to pack light or, in better words, learn how to travel only with hand luggage.
I have done it before, but never for a 7 day holiday. The maximum was only 4 days and I have managed quite well. This time is a bit different.

As women that we are, we love to take as many outfits combinations as possible "just in case". We never know what might come up and so we need to be prepared for everything, right?
We also love our makeup and even if it is a summer holiday and we might sweat like a pig with a face full of makeup, we don't care! Because if we are going out for dinner with our better half, we want to look pretty glamorous and, for that, we need makeup!
Anyone struggles in deciding which makeup to take so that it can all fit in the little tiny plastic bag that they give? Well I do.

If you are in the same situation as me and are thinking how can you fit 5 pairs of shoes and maybe 10 outfits in your hand luggage and you still have to worry about your camera gear, do not panic. I am here to help. I have come up with 5 tips for us to learn how to pack light for our holidays. It might take some difficult decisions but it has got to be done.
Here we go!


I have watched quite a few videos and have been reading many blogs with tips on this same subject and a common one is: roll your clothes, do not fold them and this does really work. I have tried this myself in previous holidays and it does increase the amount of clothes you can fit in that hand luggage and it also keeps your clothes very straight saving you from having to panic on how will you iron that when you get to your destination.


This is a hard one if you do have a colorful wardrobe but if you are like me and have a neutral wardrobe and everything sort of combines, you have your life made easier right here. With neutral colors you can get much more outfit combinations and that means that you don't have to pack as much as you might think. The shorts you used yesterday can easily be worn with another top and different accessories and that is another different outfit made easy.
The other thing is: playsuits/jumpsuits! How easy are they to throw on and with only one piece you have a complete outfit. Love it!


I have come to the conclusion that if I am not sure if I should take something or if I am shoving it in there "just in case I need it", I shouldn't pack it. Yes, as simple as that.
When I travel home I realize that I over pack because of the "just in case" situation and I end up not wearing half of the stuff I packed with me so this time I will have that in consideration. I am sure this will reduce significantly the amount of stuff I will pack.


Yes, travel size toiletries are really cute and we love them but reusable bottles are even better and some of them smaller and come in supper handy in these situations.
I always buy empty containers and use them for all things liquid - shampoo, conditioner, makeup remover or even face wash. Another thing you can decant is your favourite foundation. Instead of taking the full bottle with you that you won't really need, just take a few pumps into a small container and save yourself some room in your hand luggage as well as weight.
And also remember - you can always buy whatever you can't take with you like, for example, sunscreen or any other moisturizer that might be too big. Right?
Try and be very selective when it comes to makeup. For this next holiday, I know that I will be mostly by the pool or beach and there will be the rare occasion where I would want to wear makeup. So I know I don't need to take loads but only the necessary. Be wise as makeup weights loads and also it might not fit in the tiny little plastic bag they give us, ok?


I always do this for all my holiday, specially those 4 day ones where I only take hand luggage as it stops me from going all mental and it also helps me not to forget anything.
I find them to be really helpful as I can plan away my outfits and also anything technology related (chargers, my DSLR, etc.) will be on that list to make sure I take everything I need.
Another thing is to use the outfit you are travelling with as the outfit you are coming back from the holidays and save yourself from having to pack an extra one.
I always travel with the heaviest shoes on, for example. And if you are going for a summer holiday but live in the cold rainy UK, one jacket will be enough and that will be the one you will wear to travel with. Get me?
Be wise and make good decisions and remember - if you are questioning if you should take that top or shoes, that means you probably won't need it!

And this guys are my top 5 tips to travel with hand luggage only. Writing this made me very hopeful that I will manage to pack for this 7 day holiday very easily and makes me believe that I won't over pack. Again, be very selective and pack wisely! Good luck girls!


  1. I've never gone that long with only hand luggage but it seems like a good challenge for my next trip! At least you know everything you need is truly essential and you're not just just lugging around useless things! x


  2. rolling saves so much space in a case! great advice.

    Abigail Alice x

  3. It's so true about rolling! It was a revelation for me haha I always decant my essential beauty products too :)

    Jasmine xx

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  4. the amount of total rubbish i take on holiday 'just in case' is ridiculous! yes of COURSE i need 242375 pairs of pants when going away for 3 days!

    i've been rolling all my stuff since watching someone on youtube do it too...saves SO much space! i've even rolled up all of my drawers at home now as well.

    katie. xx

  5. i used to overpack like no ones business but since i have been travelling with hand luggage a lot more i really learned how to pak miniml clothes and beauty.

  6. I love this post and it's all so true! I used to pack waaaay more than needed but now I'm so good I have room to bring loads back!

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  7. I am good but not that good! Always struggle to fit something in when I want to bring a souvenir haha That's why I stick to magnets!
    Glad you enjoyed the post.


  8. And the truth is that it is more than enough. I managed to pack minimal this time and I still plenty of options to go for.


  9. Rolling helps so much and saves so much space! I dont thing I'll ever pack any other way now!


  10. For me too! It changed the packing game for me 100%!

    Lisa x

  11. It was my first time too and following all these steps really helped. But I do have to say that I would have struggled a lot more if it was a winter holiday. I don't think I could do it!

    Lisa x