Sunday, August 07, 2016

Sometimes insecurity hits you and.. that is fine.

I think hat I have been hit with a considerable amount of insecurity and lack of confidence in myself and for the last couple of days I have been considering writing about it on my blog to get it out of my head and, maybe, make myself aware of how silly these things can be. Today is the day.

No matter how loved you are, what clothes you wear and what you achieve in life, there will always be times that you feel like you aren't good enough and insecurity hits you. You start thinking to yourself why did someone pick you as their partner for life? What is it about you that made someone fall in love with you and want to build a happy future together? I have been wondering that myself and I honestly hate that feeling but it is something I can't control.
It is so much easier to identify our flaws and point out things that we could be better at that we forget that there is a lot of good things about us, in us. I guess the question is: do other people see them good things too?

Our brain can be messed up sometimes. If you are like me, an overthinker, the truth is that your past will visit you every so often and bring back all those insecurities from the old days either that is two, five or ten years ago. Maybe more, who knows? I guess that is what is happening to me now and you know what? No one around me is really aware of that, unless they are reading this post right now.
Most of the time, it is hard to go through this on our own. These thoughts consume us and can really make us go a bit mental if we don't step back, think about it for a second and try to leave it behind. I guess I like to think that I am stronger than that because really, I am not like this all the time and I am so glad about that! Either way, when I get haunted by these thoughts, memories and insecurities that my past brings, it gets hard. I start second guessing everything, overthinking about everything more than usual and it is like a vicious circle. It goes on and on and on.

But while I am here writing carefully every word of this post, I realize that this is such a simple thing to solve but it does not only depend on us. Sometimes, we are needy, more sensitive and consequently, a bit (or very) insecure - and not, it is not during that time of the month.
All we need is a nice big hug, a couple of lovely words showing their love for us and a reminder that we are special, different, unique - and that is what makes people fall in love with us.
So I guess that this post is a reminder not only for myself, during these ruff odd times but also for whoever is feeling just I as I am feeling right now.

Sometimes insecurity hits you and.. that is fine. But don't let it stay for too long. Remind yourself that you are beautiful, special, unique and whoever is by your side loves you for the little things that you don't even notice about yourself. 

Sorry for such a serious and a bit of a sad post but sometimes it is needed.



  1. I was off of blogging for a little while and I hadn't read your blog in weeks I think (I'm sorry to admit that haha) and now I'm back and the first post I read from you is this one. This post sums up how I have been feeling lately and my stomach went a bit weird when I read your words because we're so used to think that others always feel fine and they never feel down but sometimes we can look so happy and feel so insecure (and similar to each other) inside. I loved reading this and it actually makes me happy that I don't feel this way all the time too. I think what makes me feel this way sometimes is having way too much time to overthink stuff because when I'm busier and I leave the house and I actually do things, I feel much happier and confident about myself :)

  2. It is fine.. I have no read many blogs for so long , specially now that I am on holiday. I just thought I would put these thoughts out to the world in the hope that someone out there would understand how I feel and I am so glad you do. Everyone has their down moments and I guess we are both going through that but it is all a matter of time and this weird feeling and insecurity will go away.. x