Thursday, April 07, 2016


I am a planner and To Do lists girl but the truth is, I am really bad at keeping up with normal agendas. I find them quite boring and limited so I was never the kind of person that every year would have a new agenda but yet would buy a normal notebook and just create To Do lists as or when needed.
A couple of weeks ago I heard about the bullet journal, a system created by Ryder Carroll, and I literally fell in love with the idea and how it could be anything that you wanted - the complete opposite of boring or limited! I can't really explain you the system itself but if you visit the official Bullet Journal Website, you will understand it completely.
Loving the concept of the Bullet Journal, I went ahead and searched for some YouTube videos to find inspiration and completely understand the system. I found some amazing bloggers and YouTubers that make this Bullet Journal thing look even more amazing and exciting. The one I fell in love with was Kara from Boho Berry. Here is a flip through of her Bullet Journal, I bet you'll love it.

The beauty of bullet journalism is that you can do whatever you want with it to make your life as easy and productive it can be. There are specific notebooks you can buy that are appropriate for bullet journalism but in my opinion, any notebook will do. Anyways, on Amazon you can buy the Official Bullet Journal but if you don't know if this system will work for you, I would recommend buying a normal notebook and .. get creative!
To start off, it is great if you have an idea of what you want your bullet journal to consist of. I really wanted mine to be a kind of agenda where I could plan my day but also to include some more personal and even blog related things that would help me be more productive.
Knowing what modules you want to have in your Bullet Journal, you have to add page numbers to be able to create an Index so you don't get lost in the way.
The other essential on a bullet journal is this key section. With this, you will be able to set tasks, notes or events either on your monthly spread or daily planning. These are divided into two: bullets, were you have a symbol for your tasks, notes, events, and signifiers, the ones that will tell you the importance of that task, event or note. Once you get used to this system, bullet journalism gets even better!

Now, let's talk about the "Modules". Modules are designed to help collect and organize specific kinds of entries
There are at least four specific modules that you should include in a bullet journal but really, it is up to you and what works for you. What really happens is that people are creating their own modules according to their needs and that is what is great about the Bullet Journal. The four core modules are: the index, the future log, the monthly log and the daily log. I completely "ignored" the future log as I would not really give it much use so, after the index and key, here are the modules that make part of my bullet journal. Keep in mind that I have watched a lot of videos and blog posts about bullet journalism and so a lot of the modules are inspired on them!
Blog + Social Media Stats | I created a page where I could keep on track of all my blog and social media statistics. This will not only able a better control of my stats but will also motivate me to work harder every day, every month.

Monthly Spread + Goals | As seen in the photo above, this will be used to take note of any important stuff I have to do or remember for that month. I also added a little goals section that I love. Again, it gives me that extra motivation to work hard to achieve my goals.

Monthly Tracker | There are specific things that I want to do everyday and instead of repeatedly write them when doing my daily planning, I added this monthly tracker where I list simple everyday things that I will keep track off and hopefully encourage myself to do them more often. These include for example, hydrate, moisturize, schedule tweets, etc. I find that this really helps me to not miss certain daily, important things.

Memories | In this section I will add nice memories that happened during that month so I can look back in the future. Can't wait to start filling this in!

Gratitude Log | This has to be my favourite module! I am an apologist that we need to appreciate the little things in life much more. Things that we take for granted without even noticing are definitely the best things in life and this module reminds me of that, always. So everyday when in bed, I add a little sentence for that day where I say one thing I am grateful for. Can't wait to look back at the end of the month.

Daily Plan | Of course this is very straight forward. A module where you plan you day in a short, easy way with the help of the keys created previously. I always plan my day the night before, filling in some tasks or reminders and I love how this works for me. I like to personalize it with the weather and kind of a timeline at the top to track my sleep and free time. This one is definitely inspired by Kara from Boho Berry. Love her!

Expenses | I only added this module a couple of days ago and I know I will have a love-hate relationship with it. This is were I will take note of all my expenses during that month. I created a table with date, item, price and also asking myself "did I need it" and this will really tell a lot about how I manage my money at the end of the month. To make it easier and also much fun, I color coded the different categories (clothing, rent, travel, groceries, etc).
I am thinking of reporting back to you in a post at the end of the month if the results aren't a bit too embarrassing! Let's see.

And this is it! A quick flip through my bullet journal. There is still a lot to add and build to make it something special and inspiring for me but I can tell you that this was a great start.
My calligraphy and doodling skills are definitely not something to envy but this bullet journal is giving me the opportunity to improve that and get much more creative and I am thankful for that!
I hope I have helped you in some way to guide you on how to start your bullet journal but believe me - there are no rules and the secret is to be creative and to fulfill your needs!

When are you going to start your bullet journal or if you already have one, any tips you would like to give to all the newbies like me? Let me know!



  1. Love your post!! I started mine a month ago and I'm completely addicted haha. I love using my habit tracker and have written a Twitter chat schedule in it which is so handy. Your notebook is so pretty too :)

    Hannah xx | Post:Starting a bullet journal

  2. Your journal is so creative!! Mine is the most simple thing ever! haha but it's so useful! Loved this! :D

  3. This is such a good way to keep organised that I've not heard of before and I love how you've organised your bullet journal!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  4. Your journal looks so nice! I started mine about two months ago and I love it so much! It really helps me stay organised !
    Paula |

  5. Nice post! I started using the bullet journal too but I have slowly stopped using it for some reason. I should really get back into using it.

  6. I've just bought a journal to start my own! I love organizing so it should be fun : ) Great post!
    Steph x.

  7. Seems really cool, never heard of bullet journals before now. Must require a lot of motivation to use it everyday, I'm far too lazy :P. Good luck filling it out. Just realised your Portuguese, me too! Half, but still :D.

    Francis | Free Core

  8. EdyeNicolesMakeupFriday, April 08, 2016

    What a cool idea! I love journaling, but have really sloppy handwriting. Your hand writing is super neat and pretty :)

    Edye //

  9. Thank you! x Half Portuguese is as great as full ! haha x

  10. I have been loving to do this ! :) x

  11. It is very time consuming but I guess it is worth it! :D x

  12. I am glad I got to tell you about something new! You should try and start one x

  13. I dont think mine is that creative haha I am still getting the hang of if and I want to improve my calligraphy skills but thank you so much! xx

  14. Twitter Chat Schedule is such a great idea!! I will add that one x thank you! xx

  15. I love this concept and I want to try it so bad ! I'll probably start one next year because I'm so used to my agenda now thatbI'd feel lost without it haha :) I love how you designed yours, it looks so cute ;)

  16. You've made this look so pretty!! I really want a bullet journal but I just feel like it'd be another one of those things I make really organised and nice looking and then I just forget about it! So lazy!

  17. this is such a great idea! I especially love the idea of including memories for each day-- this will help me personally be more optimistic in the day by day :) thanks for sharing xX

  18. Comfycozyup Books (ComfycozyupSunday, April 17, 2016

    I love my journal, but I never tried this before...This looks like a DIY project on my free day.

  19. I love this more than any journal or agenda I have used and although I am quite lazy and this is more time consuming, I love doing it at the end of the day. It is kind of relaxing.

  20. I am lazy and didnt pay attention to my agendas or other journals but with this one is different! I love it. Just grab an old notebook and try to see if you like it x

  21. Thanks Rita! Like I said in the post, I never use my agenda so the transition to this one was quite good and I use it much more. It actually makes me more productive and motivated. xx

  22. Your journal is so pretty Lisa, I like how you can make it as creative as you like. I'm not great with writing things down, I have to keep setting reminders on my phone to do things!

  23. Your journal is so pretty. I am so envious of your handwriting and doodling skills! Thanks so much for linking me linking me to this post, it's incredibly helpful for a newbie like me who wants to get into it, so I'll be definitely keeping an eye out for more posts about them!

    Ashley |