Monday, February 08, 2016

Fitness // How I Stay Motivated to Workout

When it comes to exercise, I have always been very lazy and not at all enthusiastic. The pain that I feel while exercising is excruciating and I did not see the point on that. Only recently I started exercising from home with the YouTubers Fitness Blender - I am not going to sign in for a gym membership to only stay for one month right? - and I found some ways of keeping myself motivated to exercise at least three times a week.
And here is what I do to keep up with it:

1. Before & After Photo . I found that if I have a photo of myself prior to starting this exercise regime, it will make me want to continue to then take more photos after a few weeks and compare them. Also, with the photos you get to see what you want and need to improve in your body shape either that is to loose weight or only tone your muscles.
2. Schedule . I always schedule when I have to exercise. It is like I have an appointment and I cannot miss it. So if I have four days off in one week, I will schedule my exercise routine for three of those days and I also choose which video I will like to do. They have so many options!
3. Support . It is much easier when you have someone to work out with. So if you go to the gym or workout from home, find someone to follow you on that. I have been exercising with my boyfriend and it feels much better because when I am not in the mood, he encourages me and it is a great way of staying motivated.
4. Fun & Variety . Working out can be fun, believe me. For me to say this it means that it is true. You just have to find what kind of exercises you like to do and keep up with it. When I found out about Fitness Blender it was when I felt encouraged to start working out. They have such a variety of videos and exercises that you will not get tired of it. I always make sure to change my routine once in a while so I do not get bored.
5. Dress the Part . It is like buying a nice dress for that Friday night out or a special date. Once a month treat yourself with some new workout clothes. I do not know if this works for everyone but it sure does for me. Having new pieces to wear are always motivating, specially if you feel good and comfortable on them!

What are your special tips for working out frequently?


  1. These are great tips, I need to use them!
    The Lipstick, The Girl and Her Wardrobe

  2. Great post :-) I did a tips for exercise beginners on my blog recently too if that would help you :-)!