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Thursday, May 26, 2016
I can't believe it has been a week since I wrote my last blog post. It actually feels like much longer than that. I have neglected my blog, twitter and Instagram but I am back. I guess once in a while we all need a break. I was lacking inspiration and motivation so I just thought I'd leave it until my blogging mojo was back and guess what? It has finally arrived!
For the last week I have done a couple of different things including visiting Dublin and I thought that it was a great way of coming back with a post about that little trip.
I really enjoyed being there although it was only for three days. We visited the main historical places of Dublin, had a pint at Temple Bar while listening to traditional Irish music and we seriously had a blast.
I am thinking about sharing with you a few of the best moments I had in Dublin and I thought I would start with food because everyone just loves food, right?
You can find great cafes and restaurants in Dublin and there is two that I will seriously miss as I thought they were great for the quality of the food and how affordable it was - Dublin can be expensive sometimes, you know?

On our second day in Dublin we woke up quite early and decided to browse on tripadvisor for a nice place to have a great breakfast. We didn't want anything like a full english breakfast as that is definitely not our thing and after selecting a few we came to what we soon found out to be a great decision: the Brother Hubbard, a place where you can have a great coffee, breakfast, brunch, lunch or treats!
The menu has a great variety that will definitely please everybody but both me and my boyfriend went for the Breakfast Special - a full on breakfast with a hot drink, orange juice, some toast with their amazing jams, and either porridge or greek yogurt with granola. It was divine!

Although the lighting was not the best to photograph (if you are like me and only shoot in auto mode haha), the food was fantastic. The jams are delicious and so sweet! 
The porridge was the creamiest porridge I have ever tasted and the greek yogurt with granola was great too although I am not a fan of raisins and the mint they added to it. Apart from that is was really delicious and the jam they added just gave a little nice touch to it.
If I lived it Dublin, this will definitely be a place where I would go to quite frequently.
You can have a look at their menu and prices here. Check  their links and social media.

The next place I want to share with you is a beautiful italian restaurant that we came across while walking around the city starving for some great food. I was in the mood for pizza and my boyfriend loves his pasta and so when we saw La Gondola and looked at their menus at the door, we decided to walk in a try out their food. This is quite a small restaurant and I love that about it. The decoration is minimalist but with a pop of colour with the blue chairs. The menu has a lot to choose from and, again, the prices are very accessible.

At the time we arrived, the restaurant was practically empty and I am glad that did not stop us from going in as I really had a lovely meal and a nice time with my boyfriend. It is located around the Temple Bar area so you can finish your meal and walk just a couple of minutes to have a Guiness. 
I had that delicious pizza and my boyfriend had the pasta. We both loved it, it was very tasty and again, the decoration was so pretty and pleasant to be there.
The staff were very friendly and the food arrived quickly too.
Discover their menu here.

If you live in Dublin and never visited these places I think you are seriously missing out. I had some lovely meals and again, staff was really friendly. Both places had great decorations and beautiful menus with a several things to choose from.

Have you ever visited Dublin?


Thursday, May 19, 2016
L'oreal Paris is by far my favourite drugstore makeup brand, followed by Maybelline New York. I spend more time than I should looking at their counter and losing myself on their amazing lipstick collection. With that said, there is rarely a time where I go to Superdrug or Boots and leave the place without a couple of products and my last trip was no different.
While looking for a new, perfect everyday lipstick, I came across their nude collection and oh, how fantastic it is!
Not knowing which one to go for, I literally just picked one randomly and what a great choice I have made! I brought home with me the L'oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Lipstick in Julianne's Nude and because one product only was not enough, I also bought the L'oreal Paris True Match La Touche Magique Anti-fatigue Illuminating Concealer. These two products are now am everyday essential to my makeup routine.

The L'oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Lipsick in Julianne's Nude is a beautiful pink-y nude that is very nourishing to the lips. It glides easily for an effortless application and it has a glossy finish, feeling very light on the lips. Because of its more hydrating formula and glossy finish, it is not very long lasting but it fades nicely, never leaving that weird line on your lips. I really don't mind touching up a couple of times throughout the day as this lipstick is really beautiful. It will suit any skin tone and I thing that it is the perfect pink nude for this spring/summer.

I love trying new concealers and having a very light, illuminating concealer is one of my makeup obsessions. For the last weeks I have been trying the L'oreal Paris True Match La Touche Magique Anti-fatigue Illuminating Concealer and now I use it all the time. Mine is in the shade natural beige that is a couple of shades lighter than my foundation and this helps to illuminate the areas that I want. I apply it on my under eye area, middle of my forehead, brigade of my nose, cuspids bow and chin for a more illuminated complexion.
This concealer is very creamy and easy to blend. I would say it is medium coverage, what I think to be perfect for an everyday concealer, but for someone that does not have very heavy dark circles it is sure more than enough.

These two products were definitely a good purchase and L'oreal does not fail to surprise me. If you want a beautiful everyday pinky nude, you should definitely try the L'oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Lipstick in Julianne's Nude!

What L'oreal products do you recommend?


TEAMI BLENDS 30 DAY DETOX PROGRAM // The End of the Journey

Tuesday, May 17, 2016
If you read my blog regularly, you might know that I have started the Teami 30 Day Detox Program* in collaboration with Teami Blends. I wrote two posts about it - one where I discussed my expectations that you can read here, and another with a 15 day update that you can check here.

If you don't know what this 30 Day Detox Program is all about, it is basically a combination of two teas that work together to make you feel more energetic, healthy and reduces bloating. 
First, you have Teami Skinny Tea that you have every morning, before breakfast. It is a mix of natural tea herbs that will give you a boost of energy to start the day. Then, there is the Teami Colon Cleanse to have every other day before bed. This tea has a natural laxative (senna leaves) and  helps everything move by getting rid of all the toxins while also helps you to have a more relaxed sleep as it has Valerian Root.

Let me start by saying that it is difficult for me to have the Skinny Tea always before breakfast. But, I did try to stick to it as much as I could. When I had to work early in the morning, I used to have my tea while doing my makeup and it felt amazing and would really get me ready for the day.
When it comes to my lifestyle, there isn't much that I have changed. I did try to not eat a lot of processed or fast food as much as I could. I also exercise occasionally - never on a regular basis. So bare in mind that if you have a different lifestyle (and by this I mean healthier), your results might be very different than mine.

One thing that I have definitely noticed when doing this program was that I felt with more energy and therefore, I was more productive. I also wasn't as bloated as I normally am. I have actually finished this program three days ago and I have started feeling bloated again, specially at night time and I sure did not miss this feeling!
I do believe that these teas do help you to digest your food much better and so you never feel too full and uncomfortable.
I would also go to the toilet very regularly - basically 12 hours after having the colon tea - and so that also helped a lot on feeling much lighter. At first, I had quite a lot of cramps but then my body slowly got used to it and it just felt natural.
In terms of weight loss, I did not notice a lot of difference. I actually took some photos before starting my detox but I did not want to post it has it isn't through noticeable pictures but I actually feel a lot better with myself, I think that my stomach is definitely looking a bit better as well as my waist area. I wouldn't say that I lost a lot of weight but I do notice a slight difference.
I do believe that if you make some changes on your diet and if you exercise regularly, this 30 Day Detox Program would be a great addiction and you would most likely loose some weight as it really clears out your system and gives you an energy boost.

So, if you aim to feel healthier, less bloated and with more energy, I do advise you to try this detox program. If you are aiming for something different, Teami Blends has many other teas that you can try and I am sure that you won't regret. The teas actually taste amazing, are made of natural herbs and really, really work.
Here are another programs you can choose from, and use the code LISAWORLD10 for 10% discount in any of the programs.

Teami Skinny Tea (£19.99)
Teami Profit (£19.99)
Teami Energy (£19.99)
Teami Relax (£19.99)
Teami Alive (£14.99) 

It was a great experience trying for the first time a detox program and Teami Blends was such a great company to start with! I will probably be trying out another of their teas and most likely repurchase the Skinny Tea as I hate this bloating sensation and I feel like this tea really helped me a lot with that.
Although I loved the Colon Cleanse too, I feel like my body got too used to having this natural laxative and now it is taking its time to go back to the routine without the colon tea so I am going to give a break on that one!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I will reply asap.



Saturday, May 14, 2016
Pamper evenings are definitely the one thing I love to do the most. It clears my mind after a bad day or cheers me up if I am in a low mood and for me, there is no pamper without a great face mask while you relax in the bath for 15 minutes. It really changes everything and makes me feel million times better.
I have recently added to my routine a new product that I have been excited to tell you all about - the InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Mask.

InstaNatural is a brand that is sold online and mainly in the US but they have a great variety of products on Amazon UK where you can expect a very quick delivery. I got this face mask from Amazon and I had a great experience. All their products are 100% natural and that is something I love about this - no alcohols, sulfate or parabens.

Now talking about the face mask itself, this is a 100% natural mud mask that detoxifies and purifies your skin. The main ingredient is pure dead sea mud that contains a big number of minerals that are beneficial to the skin, working to absorb excess oil, dirt and toxins from the skin. It is also great to expunge acne, pimples and blackheads.
I use this mud mask only on my face but it can also be used on your body if that is something you want to do. Believe me, the packaging is big enough to rub it all over you and you will still have a good amount left!

When applying a thin layer to my skin, it feels really cold and refreshing, I feel like I am putting a cold cloth on my face and for me that feels amazing and relaxing. It is like a wake up call for my skin to rejuvenate. I leave it on for 10 to 15 minutes, until it is dry. Then, I remove it with warm water in circular motions and pat dry with a clean cloth.
I honestly feel my skin much softer, healthier and with an even skin tone. This face mask also helps to reduce pores and I do notice that, specially when applying my makeup! Even when not applying the Benefit POREfessional, my makeup applies evenly and seamlessly.
I only use this mask once a week as it is what they recommend but I wish I could use it more as I do love it and feel like new after applying it.
This will definitely be a product that I will repurchase and you know what is funny? My boyfriend loves it too!
Actually, he was the one that purchased this bad boy as he is now worse than me when it comes to skin care! When did a man have more face creams than a woman? My boyfriend has!

Anyways, I do love this mud mask and I honestly recommend it to anyone, no matter what skin type you have. It does wonders to my skin and I never skin a week without applying it.

Have you ever tried any of the InstaNatural products? Here is where you can find all about them:



Thursday, May 12, 2016

I am going to put it out there: fake tan was never my thing. I have once lived in a very sunny country where summers did exist and I would have a glowing tan for the whole year but then moving to the UK happened and so did the rainy days and the cold weather.
Since then, I rarely had any summer apart from the average week per year that I would go to Portugal on holiday and so my complexion got lighter and lighter as time went by and that was something I was never too happy about.
Because I got so used to see myself in a nice tanned and glowing skin, fair complexion was never my thing and I just didn't feel great about it.
For so long I was too scared to fake tan - I didn't want orange patches or damaging my bedding (haha) but then the more I read about it, the more secure I was feeling about giving it a first try and when I did, I never looked back.
The first and only fake tan product I have used is the Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Self-Tan Mousse and it has seriously changed my life. I wrote a full opinion on it here, if you want to find out more.

So, with all my failed attempts, horrible mistakes and patchy skin during my first times using this product, I thought I could now share with you my top tips for a good looking tan - even, golden, glowing.

Prep Your Skin. I never used to exfoliate and I would rarely apply moisturizer to my body and when I got into fake tan, I understood how important that was! Exfoliating removes all the dead skin and moisturizing keeps it all very hydrated and smooth. If you want an even tan, you do have to shave, exfoliate and moisturize your skin.
So, before I fake tan, I get in the shower and shave. Then, with an exfoliating glove, I rub it all over my body - specially legs and arms - to remove all the dead skin. Don't rush this step as it is the most important and it will really do wonders on your skin and fake tan. Exfoliate every little area that you feel like you need to be extra careful about (elbows, knees and etc).
After that, apply your favourite body moisturizer, giving special attention to problematic areas - make sure to apply a generous amount on your elbows and knees for a smoother application. For this, I have been loving the Triple Oil Shear Body Butter* from the Dead Sea Spa Magik Sleep & Moisture Therapy from Holland & Barrett. It is definitely the best body moisturizer I have used so far!


Use a Self-Tan Mitt. The days where people would apply fake tan with their own hands or even using gloves are long, long gone. If you want an even and smooth application, get yourself a self-tan mitt and that will help you lots!

Get Yourself a Big, Fluffy Brush. Some areas of your body are so difficult to tan evenly that the way that I found to improve this is to blend the fake tan with a brush straight after applying it with the mitt. Make sure to not use an expensive brush as it might get ruined. I really just got one from Primark and it does a brilliant job. So straight after applying the fake tan with the mitt, I go ahead and blend everything with the brush. This also helps the tan to dry a bit faster!

Work in Small Sections on Circular Motions. This is specially if you are using a tan that dries supper fast like mine! For you to not to get any marks and uneven application, it is essential to work in smaller sections and when applying the fake tan, make sure to use circular motions to blend it really well.
If you notice an area that isn't perfectly blended but it is already dry, tap it several times with the self-tan mitt and it should hopefully fade - it has been working for me.

Everyday Care. For the tan to last as long as possible, there are at least two tips that you should follow: short and quick showers are the ideal so that the tan doesn't fade as quickly. Applying body moisturizer everyday is essential to maintain an healthy looking and glowing tan. Make sure to moisturize regularly and you will see that your skin will look glowy for longer.

And these are my top five tips for a perfect tan application! I am not an expert but I have sure learned a lot about fake tan, all due to my mistakes.
If you are a lazy kind of gal, fake tan might not be for you. It takes quite a bit of time to prepare your skin so the application is flawless and the after care is also so, so important!

What is your top fake tan tip?


Saturday, May 07, 2016
Busy schedule, crazy shifts and lack of energy is what my life is all about. No one ever said to me that being a nurse was easy but I never thought it could be so exhausting sometimes.
Working shifts is something that can easily disrupt your sleeping pattern and to have something that will help you with that is a blessing.
When Holland & Barrett contacted me to try out their sleeping beauty range, I was over the moon and could not wait for no more sleepless or restless nights.
They kindly sent me a few products that aim to help you relax and settle to have a deeper sleep and here are my thoughts on them.

Beware that this is going to be a long post as there is quite a few products for me to rave about so grab your drink, sit back, read and relax!

First, I have to talk about the amazing Dead Sea Spa Magik Sleep & Moisture Therapy* - a set of three products perfect to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin overnight and includes the following:

. Deep Sleep Lavender Bath Salts* - run a hot bath and throw in there 2-4 handfuls of the Deep Sleep Lavender Bath Salts for the most relaxing minutes of your day. Inhaling the lavender scents is definitely the most calming thing I have ever experienced.

. Triple Oil Shear Body Butter* - after the relaxing hot bath, rub yourself in the body butter for the most wonderful scent and hydration feeling. I have been trying to apply this everyday after bath or shower and I definitely notice a big difference since I have very dry skin. This is such a creamy, nourishing product! 

. Deep Therapy 6-Oil Super Serum* - an oil that you can apply on your face, hair, nails and body? This is the one and let me tell you - it does wonders! I apply it on my face and hands and it feels very hydrating. When applying it to my hair, it does makes it feel much softer and not at all oily.
I have used this product for the last week and my dull hair is slowly improving and I can't wait to see what this will do long term. My skin is also smoother, specially on my face (where I apply this product the most).
I let it sink in for about 15 minutes to then apply my night moisturizer.

This has to be my perfect pamper routine after an horrible day or night at work. Actually, as you are reading this, I am already in bed of what I know it will be a busy and stressful night shift and this is the perfect way of leaving all the stress and bad energies behind. It completely relaxes me and I can't feel more grateful for finding such amazing, calming products.
I will definitely recommend you to buy this pack and it is a beautiful getaway from all your problems. Following this pamper routine at least once a week will definitely do wonders to your mood.

The next two products are definitely amazing to combine with the Dead Sea Spa Magik Sleep & Moisture Therapy. It will create the most amazing combination for a relaxing pamper evening.

 . Tisserand Sweet Dreams Body Oil* - to perfect your pamper routine after the  Dead Sea Spa Magik Sleep & Moisture Therapy, nothing better than spreading this soothing and hydrating oil all over your body. Not only it feels amazing on your skin but it also relaxes you with the beautiful lavender scent. It is perfect to use for massages too - I am still yet to try it that way but I am sure it will be even more relaxing.

 . Tisserand Sweet Dreams Bath Oil* - mixing this bath oil with the Deep Sleep Lavender Salts is definitely the way to go for! If you don't love the intense scent of lavender, it might not be ideal for you (my boyfriend was complaining of how intense it was in the bathroom) but if you are like me and absolutely adore the smell of lavender, this combination is for you. I stayed in the bad for at least 25 minutes and honestly, inhaling the scent of these two products together was such a great, calming moment. I could feel myself drifting away from all the stress and worries I had.

Tisserand_Sweet_Dreams_Aromatherapy_Roller_BallBut let's be real - not everyone has time for a 20 minute bath followed by body oil, body butter and so on and although it does feel amazing when you have time to pamper yourself that way, it is also great to have something to just put on that only takes a few seconds and still makes you feel as relaxed as having a full on pamper routine and this is all these three next products are about.

Miaroma Relaxing Lavender Sleep Mist* - I can't tell you how much I love lavender scents but I really never thought it could be so relaxing. Spraying this mist around my bedroom and bedding is another step added to my night time routine. Use it either straight before getting into bed for a more intense feeling or a few minutes before if you have a boyfriend like mine that is very picky with these things. I honestly use it everyday and I don't know if he can actually tell apart from the fact that he does sleep much better!

Miaroma Relaxing Lavender Temple Balm* - this is a lovely thick balm that you can quickly apply when in bed on your wrists, back of your ears and neck for a relaxing and calming feeling. Again, beautiful lavender scent - this is what this range is all about - and a must do on those very stressful and annoying days. 

. Tisserand Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Roller Ball* - An easy go-to product that will instantly calm you is this roller ball. Not only before going to bed but if you have any fear of traveling or anxiety at all, this will definitely drive you into a nice, relaxing bubble. I am not one that really suffers from anxiety but I do notice to instantly feel more relaxed when I apply this on my pulse points (writs and back of my ears, for example).
It is a product that I have been reaching out to every single night as it is so easy and quick to use and it does work wonders.

Last but not least, they have also sent me two different teas that are caffeine free (obviously) and perfect to relax in the evening or night time. I have to say that I am very picky when it comes to teas. I don't really love tea and so it was quite difficult for me to try these two products. Yet, I have tried each one of them a couple of times and my boyfriend has been having them regularly - he is a tea lover.

. Higher Living Sweet Dreams Tea* - a pack of 15 tea bags with a mix of lavender, peppermint and cinnamon, this is a sweet, unique tea full of natural herbs that will be the cherry on top of the cake after that busy day. If you love peppermint tea, this is for you as I feel like that is the predominant taste of this tea. Approximately thirty minutes after having this tea I felt much more calm and relaxed! I would say that this is the tea you can have in the evening just to relax a bit while the next one is to have just before bed.

. Dr Stuarts Valerian Plus Tea* - If you do want a tea to improve your sleep, this might be the one. A blend of valerian, lime flowers and hops make the perfect recipe for a relaxing night time tea. They recommend you to have this tea up to an hour before bed and I have to say that it sort of works! It makes you feel slightly drowsy without you even noticing. At least it is what it does to me but remember that everyone is different so while it does work for me, it might not work for you.
For a person that does not love tea, the taste of this one is quite pleasant. Will definitely reach out to it on those days where I feel like I have a lot in my mind that might trouble my sleep.

Trying out all of these new products was definitely a great experience and I have to thank Holland & Barrett for such a wonderful collaboration.
If you are someone that definitely needs some "me time" or is always under a lot of pressure and stress, trying out a few of these products is definitely worth it.
A bath lover will absolutely adore the Dead Sea Spa Magik Sleep & Moisture Therapy - three products together in a wonderful box that will guarantee you a more relaxing night.
If you are the one that prefers a much quicker but still effective routine, I would totally advise the Miaroma Relaxing Lavender Sleep Mist and the Tisserand Sweet Dreams Aromatherapy Roller Ball - two easy and quick products to apply that will really change your night routine and your mood before bed.

From all the products that I was able to try, the three above mentioned are definitely my favourite and the ones that I will probably repurchase as I am using them almost on an everyday basis.