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Monthly Favourites // July

Wednesday, July 27, 2016
This has to be my favourite time of the month - the time where I look through all the new things I bought and realize that there might be a few that I haven't stopped using since. So that is what I am here to share with you today - my absolute favourite products of this past month and I have some great ones to share with you!

This past month I discovered a few great products (meaning that I probably spent more money than I should) and the one that I can't take my hand of is the beautiful Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. Yes, it is pricey but you get the quality of an amazing brand that is ABH. I do not regret even a little bit of buying this palette. Since I bought it, is has been my go to eye shadow palette. There are so many looks that you can achieve, it is so versatile, super pigmented and the shadows are so, so easy to blend! Read my full review here.  

L'oréal has to be my favourite brand of the month (if not year). They have a great makeup range and also skin care. You probably have noticed that I have been featuring a lot of L'oréal Paris products and that is honestly because I love the brand. I believe they have the best makeup and skin care products and it is always my "go-to" brand when I am looking for something special.
This month there is actually three products that I absolutely can't live without.

First is the amazing L'oreal Paris Lumi Magique Cushion Foundation. This was one of the L'oréal new releases and they are doing soooo well! I love this foundation. It is dewy, it has a buildable coverage that I love and it is long lasting. It is my go-to foundation when I have a tan on (I still need to buy my no fake tan shade). I also reviewed this product on the blog, you can read it here.

The new L'oréal Paris Pure Clay Glow Mask is also a big favourite! I have already reviewed this product on the blog, as always, and I got really great feedback from you guys. I do hope that you have already tried any of the Pure Clay face masks as they are definitely amazing! It leaves my skin so soft and with such a natural glow. Absolutely in love with it.

To stick with the dewy and glowing skin, another must have for me is the L'oréal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer. Again, if you want to know more, you can read my full review here. It leaves your skin with a beautiful glow and even base to apply your foundation.


A fixing spray is something I never felt the need to have in my makeup collection. I always thought that applying it or not didn't really make a difference until I found the Maybelline Superstay 24H Setting Spray. I bought this only a week or so ago because I love their Superstay 24H Lipsticks and so I thought I would give it a go and I am so happy I did.
This spray makes my makeup last much longer. I notice that my foundation stays flawless for a longer period of time, specially when I work those crazy 12 hour shifts. I am so happy with it. It is great for any occasion but specially for those special days where you have a night out, dinner or wedding you have to attend. This will definitely make your makeup look flawless for much longer.

To finish the monthly favourites, last but not least is the Essie Nail Polish in the color Sunset Sneaks. It has a very spring/summery color. Bright, colorful, almost sort of neon. It is such a beautiful nail polish and definitely makes me feel all ready for a beautiful summer day.

And this is the end of a very long but exciting post - at least for me! Share with me your absolute favourites of this month. I love trying out new products.


My Go To Primers // Dewy, Glowy and Flawless Skin

Monday, July 25, 2016
Flawless, dewy and glowing skin is always a goal that I try to achieve every time I do my makeup. Having such dry skin, it is what is most flattering and comfortable for me. While I love the L'oréal Paris Cushion Foundation (£14,99), having a flawless base to work with is the key for a perfect foundation application.
I recently added a few new primers to my little makeup collection and they have became my favourite and go to products on an everyday basis.

Applying two different primers is something that I tend to go and it is what I have been doing recently. First, I use the L'oreal Nude Magique Blur Cream (£9,99) for medium/dark skin to hide my pores and even out my skin tone. This really blurs any imperfections and gives you an even base to work with. I leave it to settle and sink into my skin for a few minutes and then I apply the L'oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer (£9,99) to illuminate my dry and dull skin. This is a beautiful, amazing primer that I have been loving for a long time and I can't get enough of it. It give a subtle shine to the skin without looking too over the top.
Throwing a very hydrating and glowy foundation on top of this base will get you a perfect summery dewy finish that, in my opinion, is so flattering and, again, having dry skin, is all that I aim to have.

Have you ever tried any of these primers? Let me know if you have any other recommendations.


Fresh & Glowing Skin // Updated Skin Care Routine

Friday, July 22, 2016
Skin care is a major thing for my morning and night routine. I have been trying to stick to products that really work for me and I finally have my skin care routine that I follow religiously - or at least I try to!
There are a couple of products I quite recently added to my routine that I really wanted to share with you. I have noticed so many good changes on my skin that I had to write about this topic and today is the day! Let's start.

First I start by washing my face using the Soap and Glory Face Soap and Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash. This face wash has sort of a minty scent that I adore and it really makes my skin feel refreshed. I tend to reach for my Sonic Massaging Facial Cleaner that I got on TK Maxx for £12,99 to wash my face. It is not a Foreo or whatsoever but it really does the job and I can't tell you how surprised I am by the effects it has on my skin. First, it does wash my face quite perfectly and I feel like it tightens my pores. After using it several times, I notice that my skin looks much healthier and my pores are much less noticeable. If, like me, you can't afford the Foreo Luna, this is definitely a great opinion and much more purse-friendly! I can't find the one I own but I guess there are many out there that actually do a pretty good job, it is just a matter of trying it out.

After this, I apply the KIKO Milano Blooming Glow Revitalizing Face Serum. I have already reviewed this product on the blog here but long story short, this smells amazing, feels great on the skin, completely hydrates my skin and it definitely does wonders. I just realized that they discontinued this product and I am gutted!! How will I survive when I run out of this? Give me options!

To finish with my quick but great skin care routine, I apply my moisturizer - either day or night cream depending on the time of course. I have been loving the No7 Beautiful Skin range for normal to dry skin. I can honestly notice a massive difference after sticking to these products. If you have dry skin, this really, really helps! They both have quite a thick consistency that feels great on the skin and totally hydrates does annoying dry areas. I totally recommend these moisturizers.

To finalize, twice or three times a week I use my L'oreal Paris Pure Clay Glow Mask - I am in love with this product and, again, I have reviewed it on the blog quite recently, here. This really brings my skin back to life. I have dry skin and it is also quite dull and lifeless and this face mask truly does wonders. I honestly advise you to try it out. Yesterday, I made two of my friends buy it and I know they will thank me later.
This is as simple as it gets with my skin care routine. I still have to find a great hydrating eye cream but I am still looking for it - please leave me any recommendations on the comment section.

Let me know if you have tried any of these products or if you think that there is something that I totally need to add to my regime! I love finding new products.

Products Mentioned:


Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette // Thoughts & Impressions

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Contouring products are always something I am eager to try and whilst a lot of people were raving about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette, my eyes were always turned to the Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette. The more I would watch videos on this product, the more I would love to add it to my collection and that has finally happened.
I know that this isn't at all a new product or new release but who cares, right? I love it and I want to share my review with you!

First let's talk about the packaging - beautiful, sleek and different! I love the style of the letters, very Kat Von D like! It also has a handy mirror, always a good thing to have in a palette.
The Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette has a total of six matte shades - three to highlight and three to contour. I personally use all three highlighting shades - I love the orange toned one (Levitation) to hide my dark circles too. Sometimes, the darkness is not totally covered with the concealer and this shade actually helps to kind of reduce that and then I go over it with one of the other shades.
To contour, I tend to go for the middle one, Shadowplay. It has a nice grey undertone that really gives me a natural contour.
All the shades are very creamy, so easy to blend and very pigmented. I really wish I had the Kat Von D Shade & Light Brush to go with it but, normally, to highlight I use the Real Techniques Setting Brush and to contour the Morphe MB35 - I absolutely love this brush, it is so soft! I do think that you get your money worth with this palette, it was totally worth it!

What is your favourite contour palette/product?


Favourite Self Tan Bronzing Face Lotion ft St. Tropez

Sunday, July 17, 2016
I never thought I would love fake tan as much as I do now but if there is one thing that really annoys me about it is fake tanning my face. It never looks right and always feels so scary to do! Having your face much paler than your body is not a problem when you wear foundation but if you go to the beach makeup free and end up taking a couple of photos, it looks really weird and I don't like it at all. This happened to me a couple of days ago during my holidays in Madeira so since then, I have been looking for the perfect face tanning lotion that will give my complexion a natural looking and glowing tan and I think I found it!!

The St Tropez Self Tan Sensitive Bronzing Lotion Face, 50 ml retails for £21.50 at Boots but I'll tell you my secret - I miraculously found it at TK Max for £7.99 if I am not wrong and I thought I should give it a go. I am glad I did!
The packaging is very simple and easy to use without being too messy. The lotion has quite a weird sent that I can't really explain but it does not annoy me at all and it goes quite quickly. To apply, I use a buffing brush from Morphe to make sure it applies evenly so I don't get any dry patches and look all weird. I also blend it to my ears with the remaining product left on the brush so it looks as natural as possible.
You won't notice a big difference with just one application but the day after I applied it twice (morning and evening) and I really noticed a difference when I woke up the following day. I guess the trick with this product is really to apply it once or twice a day to maintain that bronzed, glowing looking skin for a long period of time.

It is so easy to use this product that it is unreal! I thought I would look like I just hit my face with mud but it really looks very natural and honestly beautiful. I am so glad I found this product and I will definitely be using it very often, specially when getting ready for my holidays in a couple of weeks! It gives my skin a really healthy glow that I don't feel the need to wear makeup as well.
If you love fake tan and struggle with your face just like me, you should definitely try out this product.
Make sure to do a sensitivity test to verify if you are allergic to the product but I had no problems at all. 
Love, love, love this product and recommend it to anyone who does not want that their pale face looks like is floating on top of a great tanned body! 

For more about fake tan, read my Top 5 Fake Tanning Tips and my review on the Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Self-Tan Mouse - my favourite product to tan my body!


Thursday, July 14, 2016
For the past six months or so I have been working hard on finding my perfect skin care routine. It took me a while to realize how important it is to look after our skin and to stick to a routine that you trust and that truly works. I have slowly discovered the products that work for me and I can honestly notice a massive diference on my skin. I have realized just now that i haven't done an updated skin care routine post and I do have a few new things that I have to show you but first, I decided to tell you all about the new L'oréal Paris Pure Clay Face Masks.

L'oréal Paris recently has been releasing a lot of new products that I honestly have been falling in love with and this face mask is one of them. Since I have dry, dull skin, I thought that the new L'oréal Paris Pure Clay Glow Mask would be ideal for me.
This face mask is a powerful blend of three pure clays combined with red algae extract that is known for its brightening properties. The three pure clays used are  koalin, montomorillonite and ghassoul, each one with specific functions that all combined will do miracles to your complexion. From absorbing impurities and excess sebum to eliminating imperfections and cleared and brighter complexion, this product give you all you need if you have dry and dull skin.

The product comes well packed in a beautiful glass container, feeling much more expensive than it really is - it retails for £7.99, a great price for an amazing product.
To apply the product, i use a Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush that distributes the product easily without making a big mess. This face mask has small particles that gently exfoliate your skin either when you are applying or removing the product, giving a very smooth feeling to your skin. I leave if for 5 to 10 minutes as recommended and remove it with warm water or a wet towel, very gently. After the first application, I honestly felt like my face was as smooth as a baby bum.

They recommend you to use it two to three times a week. I have only used this product for the last week with two applications a few days apart and I truly believe that that is more than enough. I know that for some, using a product twice is not enough for an honest review but let me tell you that this is different! There is always that product that you fall in love with from day one and the L'oréal Paris Pure Clay Glow Mask is one of them.

If your skin if far from dry don't you worry, there is more to the Pure Clay collection. Apart from the Glow Mask, they also have a Detox Mask that detoxifies and clarifies your skin and a Purity Mask that purifies and mattifies the skin. All three masks have the same three pure clays and what varies is the extract added to them. 
I truly advise you to try one of their masks and if you are unsure of which one is ideal for your skin type, they have all the information on the L'oréal Paris Pure Clay Face Masks on their website.

Is this a product that you would like to try?