Friday, January 19, 2018

A Cult Beauty Haul

A Cult Beauty Haul
Online shopping has to be one of my favourite ways of shopping. Who wants to go out, mix with the crowd at those busy, horrible times where everything in the shops is upside down? Not this girl over here. That is one of the reasons I hate going to town during weekend. It is just too busy, too messy and I don't have one bit of motivation to do any shopping at all. And although I do enjoy buying clothes online, beauty is something a bit different. I love swatching, feeling for the product, having a look at the packaging and just browsing all the products for hours. Yet, there is one exception to that rule and that is Cult Beauty.
Wednesday, January 17, 2018

My Favourite Joe Wicks Lean in 15 Recipes

Joe Wicks Lean in 15 Favourite Recipes
Diets were never my forte. I love food - tasty food and that, sometimes, means very unhealthy food. I always ask myself why does fast food taste so nice. So to find recipe books that meet my expectations is pretty hard and at some point I thought it would be impossible. Then, I found Joe Wicks on YouTube as well as his books and I purchased the three of them.

These books are different than any other fitness-healthy-dieting books you might find. Joe Wicks has built these books in a very wise and helpful way. He believes that a balanced diet doesn't mean ditching all the carbs but to add carbs at the right times and thank god for that because I love my pasta and couldn't live without it.
So he basically divides the books in low-carbs meals that are ideal for no-workout kind of days and the high-carbs meals that you can include in days that you workout and you can either eat them before or after the workout. They are all tasty!! Honestly, they are deliciou and some of them include double cream. I know, right?! Who would have thought?
Let me tell you: if you follow his advise strictly following the recipes and doing your cardio and HITT workouts (that you can either do at the gym or use Joe Wicks videos that are amazing and very helpful!), you will see some incredible changes in your body and the best thing is that the food is great and you never feel like you are dieting because you aren't. It is all about balance. 

So because I love the recipes so much, I thought it would be ideal to share some of my favourite from the three Lean in 15 books.
Monday, January 15, 2018

The Perfect Mauve Halo Eye with the Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette | A Review

Makeup is one of my passions. I can be doing my makeup for hours, taking my time with every little detail whilst watching some videos or listening some really nice music. There are days that even though I am not going anywhere I fee like playing around with makeup and seeing where things go - and that is what this post is about - a look that a did on a day I felt in the mood to play with makeup.

It is so easy to always go for a "go-to makeup look" when we have somewhere to go because we know it will look nice and that we like it. I always go for a bronzed smokey eye and sometimes it gets boring.
Having this time to play around with the palettes I have helps me be a little bit more creative and will give me many more options when I am getting ready in a rush.
This time, I decided to play around with the BH Cosmetic x Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette and this is the look I came up with - a beautiful mauve halo eye that I find to be perfect for Valentine's Day that is just around the corner.

Friday, January 12, 2018

How to Style an Red Jumper Dress

If you know me, you would be surprised every time I wear any sort of colorful outfit. I was always a neutrals kind of gal and anything more colorful in my wardrobe would rarely be worn. I have been trying to change that very slowly and this jumper dress was one of my recent very colorful additions to my wardrobe and I am freaking in love with it!!
I am not a jumper dress kind of person normally or any type of dresses really. I never feel 100% like myself and so it is really hard to find one that not only suits me but also makes me feel comfortable and this is all of that.
I bought this knitted jumper dress from H&M as soon as I saw it at LilyPebbles Instastories and I have no regrets. But the truth is that when I first bought it, I had no idea with what I was going to pair ot. This is what I came up with and it has quickly became my favourite winter outfit of 2017 (dragging to 2018).

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wedding Talks #2 : Honest Bridal Advise

It is time for another Wedding Talks episode. If you don't know, I have started these "blog series" to share with you the progress of my wedding planning as well as some advise or rants when things are stressing me out. I already have a quite big list of ideas for this that I will be sharing for the next six months (and probably a couple more after the wedding). The first Wedding Talks was about wedding dress shopping - read more here - and today it is time for some bridal advise. I am in no way an expert in this subject and I am sure that after the wedding I will have even more advise to give you but this is for all you newly engaged ladies that are freaking out with excitement and probably pinning ideas on Pinterest like there is no tomorrow.