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Thursday, June 09, 2016
Glowing skin and amazing highlights is all that I am for, specially at this time of year. I recently bought the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam and I cannot tell you how much I have been loving to use this palette on a daily basis.

For so long I have delayed this purchase but I really couldn't resist. You probably have read amazing reviews on this product and I am not going to say anything different. I love it! It has four different beautiful shades, my favourite being Mimosa, a beautiful golden bronze highlight.
All of them are so, so creamy and highly pigmented so you surely do not need a lot for a beautiful glow.
There is hardly any fallout and if you spritz your face with a setting spray and just before it completely dries apply the highlighter, you will achieve an even more intense but yet beautiful glowing skin, To apply my highlighter, I love using the Morphe M504 - a big blending brush that evenly distributes product and really works it into the skin giving you a natural finish. Absolutely love it!
I really can't tell you enough good things about this product. I know it is £39 but believe me, it is worth it. Your highlight game will never be the same!



Thursday, June 02, 2016
In a blink of an eye, May has come to an end and it is now time to share with you my monthly favourites. I always love to dive into my makeup drawer and find all the products that I used frequently during the past month and these are the ones I gathered and surprise surprise, it is all makeup related. Oh well..

For the first time ever, I tried out the Benefit Porefessional Primer and I have to say that I fell in love with it. It erases any visible pores creating such a smooth base for your foundation. I really notice a massive difference on my makeup application when applying this primer. Now I know why everyone raves about it.
When this primer finished, I felt lost and really wanted to repurchase it but, honestly, it is worth £25 and I was not up to pay all that for it although I do think it is worth it. Little did I know that now Boots has a NYX counter and I have heard so many great things about the NYX Angel Veil Primer, specially by the beautiful Kathleen Lights that I had to buy it and try it out and I really fell in love with it. It leaves my skin really smooth and I notice that when I do long shifts that my makeup stays in place for much longer.

For me, spring requires a bright lipstick or pink nudes. Recently I have been loving a bright red lipstick with sort of orange undertones: the Maybelline Sirene in Scarlet. The KIKO Lip Pencil in the shade Strawberry Red is also beautiful, although a bit more orange then the lipstick itself. Love it anyways, specially in beautiful sunny days.

A blush with a bit of an highlight in the mix is something I have been adoring too and this L'oreal Paris Sculpt Blush Trio in Nude Beige is so, so beautiful! It has a mix of pink and peachy kind of blush with a lighter shade with gold undertones that is perfect for highlighter but I have just been swirling my blush brush mixing all the colors and it gives me a beautiful blush with a natural glow. Absolutely in love.

I have been looking for the perfect contour brush that is also affordable and there is no better brand than Morphe to find that. I found this Morphe MB35 brush on BeautyBay and it has been my go to contour brush. It is dense enough to apply a decent amount of product and also it blends the product really well. It is so soft and it has such great quality for the price that I can't tell you enough how much I really love it!

What have been your favourite beauty products this month?



Tuesday, May 31, 2016
Oils are something I love to try and recently I had the chance of trying out the Buff and Butter Pure Essential Oils* so today I thought I would tell you my thoughts on them.
The Buff & Butter Pure Essential Oils can be used in many different ways as aromatherapy from inhalation to massage or immersion. 
I have five different oils that have various purposes but mostly the scents help you to relax and get rid of all those stressful energies. When used in massages or baths, they can also be aphrodisiac but I have actually not tried them in that way just yet. I have been trying them just by placing them in a diffuser an honestly it just spreads the scent over the house so quickly.
From all the five oils that I got, all of them have a very strong scent and so you do not need a lot to fill your house with it. I was silly and did not read the instructions and so I put a lot more then I needed but you can just dissolve it with either water or a base oil in the diffuser. A few drops - 2 to 3 - will honestly last a very long time and that is also why it took me a while to try them all as I did not want to mix the scents at all.
I loved trying these and they are great to always have a lovely scent around the house without a lot of effort really. I just wish I could try them out in store as I am very particular with scents and so getting things like this online is always tricky and there can always be a one odd one that you might not like the scent.
One of my favourites is the Rose Geranium, the first one I have ever tried. I was silly enough to put too much in the diffuser and it left such a strong scent that I could not cope with it at times but once it started fading, it left such a light, relaxing smell that I absolutely adore.

If you are one of those persons that loves pure, organic oils and lovely scents around your house, it is worth trying the Buff & Butter Pure Essential Oils. They are very affordable and you can choose from different sizes, starting with 10 ml bottles which were the ones that I got.
If you visit the Buff & Butter website, you will find many more with very accurate descriptions. They also have floral waters that are probably amazing and candle making supplies if you are a fan of that.
Here is a list of the five oils I got from Buff & Butter.


*This post contains PR samples but all opinions are my own.

PANDORA JEWELLERY // A Timeless Favourite

Saturday, May 28, 2016
In my opinion, Pandora jewellery is the most elegant and classic that you can find at quite affordable prices. I am a big fan of the bracelets and how you can collect memories with little beautiful charms but recently I have fallen in love with their earrings and rings.
Lucky enough, I have a boyfriend that pays attention to almost everything I say and apparently, he has been keeping an eye out for any pretty jewellery and for no reason, he simply spoiled me with a ring, a cute little bracelet and a charm that because it was too small, I ended up exchanging for a pair of earrings. I can't tell you how special I felt when for no apparent reason, he decided to gift me with a few Pandora goodies. And because I love it so much, I really wanted to share this with you.

Although I do love the three gifts so much, I have to say that the Cosmic Stars Ring is my favourite piece. It is so sparkly but yet very elegant and timeless. It looks amazing and you can definitely wear it with a more casual outfit as it will give it a beautiful touch.
The Sparkling Classic Lace Earrings are so, so stunning! They are as sparkly as the ring and really look beautiful specially if you are wearing your hair in a messy bun or ponytail. Even the lady at the restaurant noticed them and mentioned how beautiful they are.
Apparently on the website it says that these two items were discontinued but I literary got them two days ago and the earrings I bought in store. So if you want to spoil your self or if you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend, I would say that these are an amazing choice if she likes elegant, classic and sparkly jewellery. 

I am so happy with these beautiful pieces that I added to my jewellery collection. They are perfect to wear for the wedding I am attending in August! Now I just need to get the dress. Any advise on where I can buy a beautiful maxi dress? Let me know!



Thursday, May 26, 2016
I can't believe it has been a week since I wrote my last blog post. It actually feels like much longer than that. I have neglected my blog, twitter and Instagram but I am back. I guess once in a while we all need a break. I was lacking inspiration and motivation so I just thought I'd leave it until my blogging mojo was back and guess what? It has finally arrived!
For the last week I have done a couple of different things including visiting Dublin and I thought that it was a great way of coming back with a post about that little trip.
I really enjoyed being there although it was only for three days. We visited the main historical places of Dublin, had a pint at Temple Bar while listening to traditional Irish music and we seriously had a blast.
I am thinking about sharing with you a few of the best moments I had in Dublin and I thought I would start with food because everyone just loves food, right?
You can find great cafes and restaurants in Dublin and there is two that I will seriously miss as I thought they were great for the quality of the food and how affordable it was - Dublin can be expensive sometimes, you know?

On our second day in Dublin we woke up quite early and decided to browse on tripadvisor for a nice place to have a great breakfast. We didn't want anything like a full english breakfast as that is definitely not our thing and after selecting a few we came to what we soon found out to be a great decision: the Brother Hubbard, a place where you can have a great coffee, breakfast, brunch, lunch or treats!
The menu has a great variety that will definitely please everybody but both me and my boyfriend went for the Breakfast Special - a full on breakfast with a hot drink, orange juice, some toast with their amazing jams, and either porridge or greek yogurt with granola. It was divine!

Although the lighting was not the best to photograph (if you are like me and only shoot in auto mode haha), the food was fantastic. The jams are delicious and so sweet! 
The porridge was the creamiest porridge I have ever tasted and the greek yogurt with granola was great too although I am not a fan of raisins and the mint they added to it. Apart from that is was really delicious and the jam they added just gave a little nice touch to it.
If I lived it Dublin, this will definitely be a place where I would go to quite frequently.
You can have a look at their menu and prices here. Check  their links and social media.

The next place I want to share with you is a beautiful italian restaurant that we came across while walking around the city starving for some great food. I was in the mood for pizza and my boyfriend loves his pasta and so when we saw La Gondola and looked at their menus at the door, we decided to walk in a try out their food. This is quite a small restaurant and I love that about it. The decoration is minimalist but with a pop of colour with the blue chairs. The menu has a lot to choose from and, again, the prices are very accessible.

At the time we arrived, the restaurant was practically empty and I am glad that did not stop us from going in as I really had a lovely meal and a nice time with my boyfriend. It is located around the Temple Bar area so you can finish your meal and walk just a couple of minutes to have a Guiness. 
I had that delicious pizza and my boyfriend had the pasta. We both loved it, it was very tasty and again, the decoration was so pretty and pleasant to be there.
The staff were very friendly and the food arrived quickly too.
Discover their menu here.

If you live in Dublin and never visited these places I think you are seriously missing out. I had some lovely meals and again, staff was really friendly. Both places had great decorations and beautiful menus with a several things to choose from.

Have you ever visited Dublin?


Thursday, May 19, 2016
L'oreal Paris is by far my favourite drugstore makeup brand, followed by Maybelline New York. I spend more time than I should looking at their counter and losing myself on their amazing lipstick collection. With that said, there is rarely a time where I go to Superdrug or Boots and leave the place without a couple of products and my last trip was no different.
While looking for a new, perfect everyday lipstick, I came across their nude collection and oh, how fantastic it is!
Not knowing which one to go for, I literally just picked one randomly and what a great choice I have made! I brought home with me the L'oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Lipstick in Julianne's Nude and because one product only was not enough, I also bought the L'oreal Paris True Match La Touche Magique Anti-fatigue Illuminating Concealer. These two products are now am everyday essential to my makeup routine.

The L'oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Lipsick in Julianne's Nude is a beautiful pink-y nude that is very nourishing to the lips. It glides easily for an effortless application and it has a glossy finish, feeling very light on the lips. Because of its more hydrating formula and glossy finish, it is not very long lasting but it fades nicely, never leaving that weird line on your lips. I really don't mind touching up a couple of times throughout the day as this lipstick is really beautiful. It will suit any skin tone and I thing that it is the perfect pink nude for this spring/summer.

I love trying new concealers and having a very light, illuminating concealer is one of my makeup obsessions. For the last weeks I have been trying the L'oreal Paris True Match La Touche Magique Anti-fatigue Illuminating Concealer and now I use it all the time. Mine is in the shade natural beige that is a couple of shades lighter than my foundation and this helps to illuminate the areas that I want. I apply it on my under eye area, middle of my forehead, brigade of my nose, cuspids bow and chin for a more illuminated complexion.
This concealer is very creamy and easy to blend. I would say it is medium coverage, what I think to be perfect for an everyday concealer, but for someone that does not have very heavy dark circles it is sure more than enough.

These two products were definitely a good purchase and L'oreal does not fail to surprise me. If you want a beautiful everyday pinky nude, you should definitely try the L'oreal Paris Collection Exclusive Lipstick in Julianne's Nude!

What L'oreal products do you recommend?